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  1. I've been smoking meats for several years now using a Brinkman Smoker Grill with great success { according to my wife}. Turkeys, Ribs, Pork Butt, etc. I recently bought a Char Griller side box smoker and I am pretty happy with the results on a short smoke-6-7 hours.

    The problem I have is I want to smoke a brisket and I can't get a fire to last longer than 6-7 hours. The fire box is so full of ashes that it can no longer breathe. How do I get a longer smoke without dumping and starting over. I have used lump and briquettes with the same results. Great smokes every time, but will only get about 7 hours. I appreciate any help you may offer. I have done a search and not found anyone with this problem. Thanks in advance for your help
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    I don't know much about your smoker, but can you burn splits of wood on top of the charcoal bed?  The wood burning and turning to coals should provide more heat for more time.

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    I have a chargriller duo with side fire box and I'm not sure it's possible to get much more time than what you're currently getting. Every couple of hours I go out and give my charcoal basket a good shake to knock the ashes down. Chargriller makes a good little smoker, but it is definitely isn't a "set it and forget it" type of smoker.

    I'm not sure what you mean by dump it and start all over. You should be able to knock the ashes down and add wood/charcoal as needed.
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    You likely need to raise the grates your coals sit on if they're getting choked out by ash. Most smokers from the major store brands don't leave enough room between the floor of the smoke box and the grates.
  5. I have raised it some already. Guess I'll try to raise it more. Probably will need a new grate soon anyway as this one s burning up pretty fast. Will try to find or make a basket out of heaver material. Thanks to all of you for your input. I just thought maybe I was doing something wrong.
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    i had the same issues   thats why i went with a pure  wood burning offset for doing 10+  hour cooks i found charcoal no matter how  hard i tried only lasted 6-7  hours  then i had  to reload the firebox again 

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