500 gallon propane tank

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  1. What could this tank be used for?? 🤔
  2. pit 4 brains

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    A submarine.

    A roadblock.

    To change the front tires on a crane.

    Or even a big smoker.. But it's gonna take a lot more steel, a huge trailer, and a cord of wood to make it work. Not impossible by any means though...
  3. For a person with pit 4 brains you sure are negative.

  4. I guess this tank will not work to good for a submarine because there is water leaking out of it.
  5. 🤔🤔 Do I make it RF or Franklin Style??🤔🤔
  6. mrsmoklestein

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    Franklin-all the way, but that's just me.

    I think more guys cook on the RF's nowdays but I've always been used to the temperature gradient you get with a traditional stickburner-no tuning plates needed, only a baffle of some kind. Aaron has mentioned in his book that he's actually jammed an old license plate into the firebox/cook chamber opening before to suffice.
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  7. I am going Franklin Style.
  8. Would 1/2 of a 250 gallon tank work for a firebox?
  9. Franklin uses 250 tanks for a firebox for his 1000 gallons cookers 

  10. Water is better than gasoline or diesel!

    I have a smoke that started from that.  I didnt build it, but i've cooked many a brisket and other tasty delights on it. Mine does not have a separate fire box.  The fire is in one of the spherical ends and it is completely open to the cooking area. 

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