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  1. I have a 500 gallon fuel tank that I'm considering turning into a smoker since my old stick burner is getting, well, old.  I notice on my 30+ year old smoker that the area next to the fire box stays considerably warmer than the opposite end and there's about 25-50 degrees difference top to bottom.  Has anyone ever experimented with putting a fire box on each end and running the smoke stacks out of the bottom center?  I figure that way it could pull smoke up over a firewall on both sides then down and out the stacks at the bottom.  I could be way off base here but was just wondering what people thought.  Any advice or pictures of similar projects would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. I read a lot in the tutorial.  My old smoker is actually not a RF now that I've been reading.  It's more of an OS smoker.  Kind of lol.   It's like nothing I've really seen built on here, some 30 year old redneck rigging.  Another question is, the tank I have is big enough I could essentially put a FB at each end and a plate in the middle and have two CC's.  That way I don't have to heat up the whole thing for smaller cooks.  Would this even be doable?  Also I included pictures of my old smokers.  FB is half of the tank in the closer one and smoke goes over the wall then out the pipe on the bottom.  The second one is the same design just a much smaller FB and a bigger CC.  They work fine but you know how the addiction goes.  I didn't build these so I want something of my own.

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    A 500 gallon will cook about 500 #'s of meat...   Are you planning on dividing it in 2 with an internal wall ??
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    Why not push it over on it's side and make a horizontal pig cooker?

    Temps are much easier to control horizontaly than vertically in a smoker.

    An Internal wall won't do much as the heat will transmit through the wall, so make as well use the whole thing.

    Just my 2 pesos.
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  6. I was wondering if that was possible.  That way I could have two smaller RF smokers or fire both up on big cooks.  
  7. I wondered about that too, but I figured with a thick enough wall I would transfer any more heat through the wall than I would the outside of the smoker anyway.
  8. This isn't the exact tank but it's similar, same size and shape.


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