500 gal. smoker/pig cooker question

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    putting together a cooker for me and my buddy, he wants a self contained cooker w/firebox inside cooker chamber separated by baffle/water tray...he says it works great and all the cookers he's had have been this way..I think it would be hard to control temps and plus burn out cook chamber very quickly. The cooker tank is approx. 3/16 in. thick.. could I just get about a 18-20 in. piece of pipe and weld it to cooker with opening going into it same diameter as pipe, this way he gets what he wants and I don't burn my tank up before its time..all the heat would go directly into tank just as if it was part of the tank and not a firebox like a reverse flow.. it would still have a baffle like the reverse flow though to set water trays on..

    including a pic of back of cooker the white line is approx. were the 1st rack would be, below it would be the baffle approx. 5-6 in. below.. would this work alright? Hope my explanation makes sense..


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