500 Gal. Reverse Flow Build

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by caublecustomfab, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. I don't think the flat plate is goin to be an issue. There is an 1 1/2" dam at the drain end that is "funneled" to the drain pipe. Some drippings did cook to the plate but washed out easily with a hose pipe.
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    Just checking.  I have about decided to add a secondary plate from the fire box to the channel under to baffle plate to push that direct heat just a little farther down the line. Still weighing the pros and cons of that.Mine stays very consistent end to end and at least where the gages are but the area directly above the inlet from the firebox seems to get very hot and if there are any drippings they smoke fast.  The other hot spot is at the other end where items get the direct heat from the "turn".  The temps looked right and stayed with in 5-10* side to side but when we pulled the meat from opposite end as the firebox we lost several small roasts.  They were black all the way through. Not sure what to do for that but keep food away from that edge of the rack.  Hope yours works out.  It is always a work of love to tweek these things.  Keeps my brain moving that is for sure.  Yours looks fantastic! Well done.
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  3. Hasn't been the best painting weather in NC lately but finally got some paint on it. 

  4. Very nice build. Strong skills...
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    Very nice...
  6. roller

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    You got talent along with a real nice smoker.
  7. smokey mo

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    I am very jealous of your skills-shop-equipment my friend.  You have made one beautiful unit there.


    [​IMG]for the great thread!
  8. Thanks everyone for the compliments. 
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    I like the way your build is going.  I especially like the BIG flat top griddle.  Where in the world did you find it?
  10. That is one big and nice rig you got there! Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
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  11. I found the flat top grill at Sams Club. I'll post up some more pics as soon as I get everything finished.
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    Great build, been following this one for awhile and love the results!
  13. Started adding some hardware. Latches, LED lights and started finishing up the gas burners

  14. love your burner and trailer color......makes a statement.
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    You have skills, ma I ask what you do for a living?
  16. I'm a full time grad. student and I recently started a welding/fab business. I really appreciate all of the comments and compliments. 
  17. Got the the tel-tru's in this weekend

    Went ahead and added a second bung in the warmer box in case I decide to add another thermo later. 

  18. Looks awesome! Nice work!
  19. cashmanq

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    Fantastic. I wish i would have come across this before i started my build.   very impressive!
  20. Got the burners going. I don't recommend buying "cast" needle valves. Both castings split when they were tightened and are going to have to be redone. I have some solid brass needle valves to replace them with. 


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