50 lbs of snack sticks

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by hounds51, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. memphisbud

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    Those look Deelishus!! Great set up you got there![​IMG]
  2. rbranstner

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    I wish I had a nice warm place to make sausage. We always have to do it out in my freezing cold garage.
  3. nwbhoss

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    Thats a lot of sticks!!!!!!
    What temps and how long did you smoke them for?
    They look great!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. waysideranch

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    Very nice 51. Didnt see any beer? I wasnt aware that sausage could be made without beer. So my friend has been fibb"n me for years. Think we drink more beers than sausages made!
  5. mballi3011

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    Man oh Man those are some good looking snack sticks. Did you have a recipe or buy the kit for them??I'll be making about 8lbs or so this weekend.
  6. Thanks. Gotta learn how to use this photobucket
  7. I start at about 80 to 90 degrees for about 2 hours, then very slowly raise temps so that internal temp reaches 150 over an 10 to 12 hour period. In the Lebanon valley we smoke low and slow.
  8. Well I didn't drink 50 lbs of beer, but I had about 15 Coors light during the ordeal!
  9. I use Legg's snack stick mix for 25 lbs with 3 tlbs of liquid smoke and 3 tbls of brown sugar with the mix.
  10. tjohnson

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    Did you use the casings from Cabelas?

  11. Absolutely! One thing to remember is try not to exceed 150 degrees internal temp, as I think the casings get kinda tough to chew. Also I find that the Cabela casing don't seperate from the stix, like other casing do. So be ready to get yur jaw exerized.
  12. tjohnson

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    My last batch of casings came from Gander, and I've noticed that they separate from the sticks after freezing.

    I ran my last batch up to 159* or so, but will watch closer next time. They seem to stall out around 145* and then temp raises quickly.

  13. Yea there a little tricky to do in a smaller smoker. That is where a Smokehouse comes in handy. I love my smoker for pulled pork and fatties and an occasional chicken, but use the smokehouse for the bigger projects.
  14. rstr hunter

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    Looks great. Last time I made these I only did 13# and it seemed like forever on the stuffer. 50# not sure if you had enough beer. Great job.
  15. Actually there was a total of 4 1/2 people working. (the hound counts as the half) Since I was doing the picture taking, and was the only one drinking there was only 3 actually working. The little 5 lb stuffer isn't too bad. Espically considering that a 15 lb stuffer costs lots more. Snack Sticks ain't too bad to stuff, but stuffing 33 mm casing is another matter. our constantly fillin the stuffer. Time is money and since I got more time than money guess I'll use the 5 lb Grizzly. There really a great deal as they are the cheapest on the market. Also the nylon gears hold up great, I only changed then out to see if the L.E.M. gears were compatable.
  16. mulepackin

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    Grat looking Stix. Also a great photo essay on the project. [​IMG]
  17. bearcarver

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    I'm glad I found this thread. The pics were too small on the other one. This one is GREAT !
    Very well done---Thanks for the Qview-----====>[​IMG]


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