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  1. Jerry,

    I don't know what happened to the original lessons but I found your email this morning containing them. Thank you very much for taking the time to send them to me I really appreciate it.

  2. xxnopropanexx

    xxnopropanexx Newbie

    YES, i defiantly  can use it!
  3. I signed up for the lessons a while back but only received three of them.  Don't know what I missed but like to ck myself against the tried and true.
  4. pineywoods

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    I just sent it to the Email address you used to sign up to the site enjoy
  5. gene

    gene Newbie

    i just subscribed thanks u very much, i look forward to it
  6. 1beezer

    1beezer Smoke Blower

    I just finished my course and purchased the Rub-n-Sauce recipes to help support the forum. The recipes sound delicious and I appreciate both the effort put into them as well as the 5 day course.

    Thank you Jeff :)
  7. YES!
  8. Not sure if I can still get the tips or not, but if it's not too late, I want in!
  9. Can I sign-up?!
  10. rabbithutch

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    I did the course last Fall when I first found SMF.  I'm old and don't remember things as well as I used to, so I decided to take it again.  The laptop that I was using months ago has gone belly up; so I went to Jeff's site yesterday (4-15-2012) and clicked through to where I could get a PDF by paying a small fee, which I did using PayPal and got their receipt.  I was expecting to be directed to a page where I could download the PDF or to get an email with a link to the PDF download page.  When nothing happened, I used the Contact form to send a message to Jeff.  I got the PDF the first time I took the course but I don't remember how the process unfolded.

    It has been less than 24 hours; so I should probably just cool my jets, but I think I might have done something wrong.   Has anyone else ever experienced this?  How did you get past the problem?
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  11. Signed up yesterday morning and have not received anything yet.

  12. yes
  13. rabbithutch

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    For anyone having problems getting the e-course, I suggest you use the Contact function on the web site and let Jeff know.  He told me that the software that is supposed to automatically generate and send the course data fails to function correctly sometimes.  He can, and will fix it for you if it's brought to his attention.

  14. Well worth the time
  15. matthew sr

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    YES.... there's no limits on how to smoke and or grill meats.  Some people like me.. have been grilling outdoors for years and didn't know the simple addition of wood to the charcoal adds so much smoke flavor, and heat.    I myself would love to know how to control the temps better with my charcoal grills.  I use my Webber for little stuff, but won't hessitate to break out the big smoker for larger family affairs.  (But ppl should know they can smoke in a Weber, or almost any cooker, just by adding some good wood.)  Some people get overwhelmed with how to spice and what and when to spice.  They're afraid of doing it wrong.  I'm trying out a new method on ribs today.  Gonna smoke them for 2 hours with a rub, then gonna wrap them up in foil for 2 hours after adding a brown sugar rub.  should be interesting.   

    So let me know how the e-course is going, i'd love to read it.  I will almost certainly learn some thing. 

    [email protected]
  16. Yes I'm very interested in the 5-day eCourse,sign me up! When does it start!:grilling_smilie:
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  17. pineywoods

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  18. Yes! I do..
  19. smokintob

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    I would love to see something like that.
  20. YES

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