5/8" Thick Vertical Pipe Smoker, 1st Build too!

Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by patman, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. This is my first time building a Smoker. I have average welding and cutting skills but lots of time to do it. I have a huge pipe with ends on it and legs that was given to me. It is 5/8" thick, 24" outer diameter, and 63" tall. It is old and rusty. How clean does the inside really need to be before using? I don't want to take up too much room in my backyard and I do have a crane and forklift so I'm going to try a vertical single pipe design to minimize the space that will be taken up. I have tried using differnt "Smoker Calculators" but none of them are for this design and I really don't want an offset box taking up more room. Let me know of any hints, tips, ideas, or warnings you might have! I want to do it right the 1st time!

  2. I am thinking of making the difuser plate a 2 inch tall circular tray to hold water and catch drippings, With a 1" drain in the middle or the tray that drops down 1" then 45s out the side of the tank. Then for the diffuser, I can drill holes all the way around the water tray. Maybe a 3" lip outside of the water tray. with 1 1/2" holes zig zaged all the way around it.
  3. sounds cool im in .......................:grilling_smilie: keep us posted and pics too
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    So, how's the build coming along? I have a water tank the same size as yours that I'm going to build on also. Good luck man and if ya got any pics., let's see em.

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