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    I thought I'd use my Big Red Kamado Kooker for the brisket this time with Pear wood.  I know most people use lump charcoal which I have but I have had great results with Kingsford Blue.  The briquettes burn cooler.  With kamados if you start with the temp too high it'll be awhile before it comes back down so the charcoal chimney was only 1/4 full of lit coal and was surround with unlit.  The bottom vent was all the way closed with the top vent barely cracked to keep it in the 225* area.

    I separated the flat from the point and only used the flat.  I used Billbo's rub recipe without the salt because I add salt first by itself or use Adolph's Tenderizer:  http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/77564/billbos-world-famous-dry-rub-bbq-sauce-recipes.  The rub was on the night before and set up in the fridge for the next morning 4:30 a.m. smoke.  This is the before pic and looks cooked cause there's not much light out this time of day.

    Smoked un-foiled the entire time @ around 225* till IT hit 205* (10 hrs.)  Then wrapped in foil and towels and let rest in a cooler for 2hrs.  205* IT was just fine but I'll start the toothpick testing @ 190* in the future.  I have read a lot about taking the brisket to 205* IT so I only opened the lid once after 7 hours to insert the CDN digital food therm. and waited for the alarm.  I use a separate Maverick OT3BBQ for the cooking chamber only (below.)


    No foiling gave it a fantastic bark.  The rub was great!  Thanks Billbo!  I made a brisket sauce to put on during/after cooking and is a great finishing sauce if you pull it:  http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/144667/brisket-sauce-with-a-1-steak-sauce.  I didn't mop with it.  I just used it as a side sauce. 

    Didn't use much charcoal over the 10 hr. smoke.

  2. Kurt


    Happy smoken.

  3. This looks great. I've been kinda hesitant after my firs brisket on my kamado overcooked a bit but I think I'm going to try again soon. I love cooking on my kamado.
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    The Brisket looks great!...JJ
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    Doing a brisket today (well) )overnight for sat dinner...and I would be lucky to have it come out lookin like yours.. :)
  6. It is not luck It is patience

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    Well said sir.
  8. dr k

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    Kamados are kinda tricky to keep a very low temp.  I think having all the parts organized for a quick assembly allows me to get the hood closed as fast as possible after I drop the lit coals, keeping the temp low.

  9. dr k

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    Thanks!  I'm sure it will.  All you need is time.
  10. If you have trouble keeping low temps. Make sure you don't have air leaks around the lid or the bottom draft. With my BGE I can hold anything above 200 with ease.

    Happy smoken.

  11. dr k

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    Thanks!  It was delicious.
  12. dr k

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    Great tip!  No smoke leaks anywhere but I still sealed the bottom vent to the ash pan with Permatex Ultra Copper High temp RTV Silicone.  I also sealed my probe thermometers where probe and cable join.  It's the highest temp silicone I could find 700*.

  13. I sealed my bottom vent when I first got my kamado and have been able to hold temps as low as 175 if I start with just a couple of lit coals. My problem with my last brisket was I  over cooked it. I was awake something like 30 hours by the time it was done and passed out not realizing my maverick was not set to alarm. It cooked to an IT of 215 or 220 it pulled but did not slice and was a bit stringy.

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