4th of July Baby Back Ribs - 2nd Time Ever Smoking Anything!!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by gaffney982, Jul 4, 2014.

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    So I got some nice baby backs on sale at Adams IGA ($2.99/lb). I was pleasantly surprised that they weren't injected with any salt mixture crap. I did a basic brown sugar based rub and left it over night. This afternoon I took them out around 1pm and put them on around 2pm. They've been on for about 3 hours and during the last 30-45 minutes I'm going to do a couple of applications of bbq sauce (terrible I know, but I'm out numbered 4 to 1 in my love for a non sauced rib) so they majority wins. I chose to not wrap these ribs since I didn't want a super wet and mushy rib. I prefer them to give a little resistance when biting into them. I think my biggest mistake was not spritzing them every 30 minutes with anything and I'm nervous that they're going to turn out dry. I've been cooking @ 225 on my Landmann 34" Smokey Mountain propane smoker. I only did 2 rounds of wood chips since I didn't want to over smoke them and I've been keeping the water tray full. I'm hoping that they turn out decent, but we'll see. Here's some pics when they went on at 2pm.

    I'll let you know how they turn out!
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    As nervous as I was with not having foiled the ribs and not having sprayed them with any juice or liquids during the smoking process, they came out AMAZING!! They were perfect for my liking. Small amount of resistance when biting into them, they weren't falling off the bone, subtle smokey flavor, nice crisp bark and somehow they were still moist and not in the least bit dry!!! Boston Butt success! Baby Back RIbs DONE! Time to move onto beef. I'm thinking of tackling the holy grail of bbq and smoking.............the beef brisket!
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    Nice smoke, them had to be tasty ! Thumbs Up
  4. Looks awesome, Gaff! Only problem I see is that I didn't get any.

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