4th Annual Hot Wings for History - Portly Fellas BBQ

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    This past Saturday we entered the 4th Annual Hot Wings for History Competition benefiting the Casa Grande Historical Society.

    This was our 3rd year competing and somewhere around this forum is the pics from last year(s).

    Anyhow, we stuck to the script again this year. Each of us team members bringing a 22.5" Weber Kettle equipped w/ a Vortex. We prepped the night before by separating whole wings and seasoning in a gallon ziploc. About 34 per bag which is just enough for one kettle per batch.

    Here's the pics:

    We arrived @ 7:45. Judges turn in was 12:00. Anyone who paid for entrance to the event received a ticket to vote for the Peoples Choice category.

    Here we are setting up our 2 EZ-Ups. One for serving, the other labeled "VIP Tent"

    Lighting our kettles w/ 2 starter cubes below each KBB filled Vortex. Brought a WSM as we were required to have a 'holding' oven for anything we pulled off. We just set the Guru to 170 and let it run. It also put out a great smell that drew people to our booth

    Our team name and banner

    First batch went on @ 9:00am

    Rotated the lid every 20 mins give or take

    1 Chunk of Pecan per batch.

    Starting to look good

    Time for a beer before we pull the first batch for attendees

    Just about there...

    Here's the cooks first tasting.

    The event drew a great crowd this year. Always good when it's for a good cause

    Here we are getting a Peoples Choice vote. Ours were the only charcoal grilled/smoked wings at the event. All but one entry were fried and sauced wings. One team grilled on a propane grill then sauced. Ours were served dry rubbed w/ Mad Hunky Hot Ass Wing followed by a MH Hot Wing dusting. Sauce was on our serving table if they felt so inclined.

    The VIP tent enjoying a cold one. It was HOT out there. Abnormally hot....95 degrees out

    Here's a pic post turn-in. We had selected 10 of our best wings (5 drums and 5 wings). Now it was time to get the pits cooled off and await the results

    Looks like a couple people (me not included) haven't cleaned out their kettles in awhile. They let that oil/chicken fat clean it out after the event...not by choice

    Call #1 Peoples Choice: PORTLY FELLAS BBQ
    Call #2 Judges: PORTLY FELLAS BBQ

    We won both categories for the second year in a row! And Peoples Choice for 3rd year in a row. We were exhausted after cooking over 375 wings on 5 Weber Kettles. Here's what was left of the winning team after receiving our Golden Chicken Awards. Did I mention that the local Budweiser distributor also donated beer to the winning team. Stack of cases as tall as our tallest team member

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    GREATTTTTT... that's awesome you guys... congratulations :yahoo:

    let me ask.. when doing the vortex deal.. do yo run vents wide open ?? didn't really see any thermometers to check temps.... and rotating the lid.. that moves the hot spot around ??
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  3. thunderdome

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    Hi Keith Thanks!

    I usually don't leave vents all the way open. Just runs too hot. These were at about 2/3 open at first. Opened all the way as the coals set a bit about 45 mins later.

    Yeah just rotate to keep that hot spot even
  4. mdboatbum

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    Congratulations!! Looks like you all had a great day and supported a good cause. The wins were probably pretty nice too 😄.
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    Woot! Great win and great looking wings!


  6. oldschoolbbq

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    Congratulations and looks as if everyone had a great time.

    Thanks for the look and as always . . .

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