4lb brisket need help

Discussion in 'Beef' started by edsmoke1985, Apr 12, 2014.

  1. edsmoke1985

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    After reading a bunch of horror stories I'm worried about screwing up this up. Want the meat to turn out moist and smokey. Do I foil wrap it? How long should I smoke it without foil and how long with? How much rest time do you all feel is enough time? Very new to smoking and afraid I bit off a little more then I can chew.
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  3. edsmoke1985

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    Bricket came out OK. My rub was at fault, way to salty. But I cooked it for 2 hours in a foil pan, flipped it And got internal temp to 170°. Then covered for 2 hours. Internal temp went to almost 215°. Let sit for 1.5hrs then shredded with 2 forks. It was cooked great but a bit to salty for me. Will def make again with different rub.

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