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Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by mosaicsmoker, Jan 18, 2014.

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    I'm trying to decide between a 48" and 60" deluxe.  The 1k difference is painful.  I plan to cook mainly for home use, sometimes for church dinners (80-100 people) and a couple times a year in competitions (Pig Jig and Masonic Home for Children Homecoming).  The 48" is practical for most everything I do except the two competitions - the look like a heck of a lot of meat for a 48" smoker. Any advice on how much meat can realistically be smoked well on a 48" Lang overnight?

    Thanks in advance
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    I don't have a Lang, but when it comes to Smokers...I have NEVER seen a guy post, " I wish I got the Smaller One! "...

    The 48 will hold 80Lbs of Butts. 80Lbs will yield about 40Lbs Pulled Pork. 40Lb X 16 = 640oz  / 4oz portions = 160 Sandwiches.

    There is very little wiggle room if the crowd goes above 100 and it would not be unusual for a Man to eat two 4oz Sandwiches...You are at the 48"s max output with this crowd. If this Church deal is once a year and the other times just you and the family and an occasional Picnic the 48 is fine. If you see ANY growth in the number you feed...Get the 60"...JJ
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    I was in the same situation. I eventually went with a 24x60 from Shirley Fabrication. If you get the warmer box, it has more overall space than a Lang 60 deluxe, and for $1200 less. But like JJ said, no one wishes they had gone with the smaller one. You will find a way to fill er up!

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