400 litre oak barrel. Is it to big?

Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by 1888irish, Aug 6, 2014.

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    I was going to build a 2x2sqx3ft pine smoker but i can get myhands on a 400litre oak whisky barrel and was thinking of making a smoker out of this instead. Im in 2 minds thou because im thinking its on the large side for what im going to be smoking in it. You see, ill only be smoking my salmon i catch, maybe 4 at a time between 3-15lb(before gutted)in weight. Ill maybe throw a chicken or 2 in, some cheese but this wouldn't be a regular thing

    Am i right in thinking that this is to large a smoker room for just what ill be smoking or would it be a decent size. Seeing as im a newbie, hopefully someone can clear this up for me. What would be the pros and cons for having a smoker this size.

    I as maybe thinking of putting a heating element in at the bottom, maybe a 1000w ring or one that burns gas, again, what would be the pros and cons of these 2. Ive seen some people(on internet) light their own fire inside a barrel, is this an option i should look into.

    I have quite alot of cedar dust left over from when i constructed a cedar strip boat a few years ago when i was routering the strips, is cedar a decent timber for smoking. Ive also a small amount of pine and ash dust, are these two timbers also ok for smoking.
  2. I don't know anyone that wishes they had gone with the smaller smoker. I don't have a mind picture of how your going to make the barrel smoker or load it after you get it made. Is it going to be a stand up smoker? Kind of like a UDS.

    As far as heat source. It is just that heat. Use what you think will work best or cheapest for you.

    No pine or cedar for smoking wood. If you will use the search bar at the top of any page you can find out about all of the smoking woods.

    Happy smoken.

  3. 1888irish

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    You se im not big into smoking so thought would be best to have a smaller one and would probably save money with fuel and get the smoking done quicker. Maybe im wrong thou and there aint much difference. I actually seen an oak barrel smoker a few weks ago on youtube and it looked really nice! Im thinking its a 200ltr barrel and would be perfect for what id need it for. Something like this. .
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    You are welcome to send me that 400 litre barrel.You mite look on the search for UDS builds they would be about the size of a 200 litre to give you a comparison on size.Always easier to spread your meat out in a bigger smoker then packing it tight in a smaller smoker.That is just the way I think on most things bigger is always better.

  5. 1888irish

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    Send it to ya in columbia, i think youd be able to buy 20 for the shipping price. :devil::devil:

    How much fuel is used to smoke a few fish anyway and how long would it take. Ive seen a nice 1000w hotplate im going to buy and have located the smaller type butt ive to travel an extra hour away to get it or just stick to the plan, drive less and get the bigger one. Now im in 2 minds what to do
  6. dandl93

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    They dont have wood barrels here or Oak in Colombia.

    Drive less smoke the bigger butt leftovers are king.I smoked last Sunday a whole chicken 2 pork tenderloins and a small brisket we will eat on it all week.

  7. 1888irish

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    I'll post you the barrel if you post me some of Columbia's purest stuff ;). ( that's a joke invade mods go ape shit on me lol)

    Just found another small one closer to me a d I'm going to go with that. The bigger one I wouldn't mind if it was close, the roads to pick it up ai t great so going to go with smaller one.

    I'm still undecided to cut it on face or on top. What would you suggest
  8. dandl93

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    I would be glad to send you some of Colombias purest Coffee I even grow it.I would have to teach you how to spell Colombia first because my barrel would end up in South Carolina USA hahahahahahahahaha.

    I would like to see pics of your build.As for where to cut the door? On the side would look the best but more practical on top like a UDS.

    Dont let some bad roads stop you on a great idea.I have some property that is 13km away takes me 45 mins to get there it was well worth the investment.


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