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    Smoker will be here later this week. Planning on building a table to hold both of our BGE'S and the MES. Where it will be sitting I will need to use a 15' or so extension, will this be a problem? Seen someone talking about this and don't remember what was said. Thanks

  2. Hi, I am Jted. I will take a whack at your question.
    1- you state it is a 40”MES. The newer models use a 1200 watt heating element. So lets find the amperage draw. 1200 watts divided by the voltage 120 volts =10 amps .The typical orange 16/3 cord is rated for 13 amps at 15 feet They are only rated at 13 amps at 15 feet. You would not want to use one of these. It is rated but it's like riding around on your cars donut spare. It's done but far from safe.
    2- a quick trip to a voltage drop calculator (just because I am lazy) I put a few numbers and it says you need a cord of 14/3. You will have less than 2% drop in 25 feet and your smoker will work well.


    Here is a 14/3 cord for 20.00 bucks that will do the job. It’s 25 feet long with molded ends.

    Happy Smoking Jted
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    I believe I have that very cord out in my garage....Thank You for your help...

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