3rd smoke ever...1st tri-tip

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  1. Being from Santa Maria, CA (home to Tri-tip grilling known locally as "Santa Maria Style BBQ) I have grilled many Tri's indirectly on a gas grill. The locals say it isn't proper since it's not over Red Oak coals on high heat.

    I'll try to post some pictures

    A little SPOG is all it needs

    In my new (first) smoker

    I.T. of 140*

    Wrapping and into the cooler.

    Company's coming in 2 hours. I hope that's not too long.
  2. dirtsailor2003

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    Looks great! It may not be traditional but that's how I do all my tri tips and they are. As good if not better than the ones I've had in Santa Maria!
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    Yummm....show sliced q-view if you get a chance.

  4. ibbq

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    I read your post and saw your pics I hope you can help me out? I have a simple 3 burner gas grill and I want to try smoking my tri tip. And advise and tip would help a lot
  5. Here's the sliced q-view. The tri's were in the cooler for 2 hours and the IT went up to 146, they were 130 when carved:

    First one:

    And the second:

    Just the way we like them...medium rare. They were the best I've ever had. A great smoky flavor.
  6. I sure can since that is what I have been doing up until now. If they are not trimmed, trim the thick layer of fat off the bottom. Don't throw it away...save it for later. I use salt, pepper, onion flakes, garlic salt (SPOG) and shake it all over every inch of the meat. It doesn't have to be thick. Morton's Nature Seasonings is a good pre-mixed selection.

    Start with two burners on high and put the tri in for 5 minutes on both sides. Turn all but one burner off and put the meat on the grill without the burner on under it (indirect heat). If you are using smoking chips keep them on the lit burner. Turn the meat over every 10 minutes and start monitoring the internal temp after about 45 minutes. After about 30-45 minutes use that fat you saved from earlier and cut it into strips. Lay it on top of the meat and let it melt into the tri, keeping it moist. As you flip them, transfer the fat to the top of the meat,

     If you like them rare to medium take them off at about 145*. It will still be tender if a little over done. Cut them across the grain and enjoy.
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    Thank you so much for the help. Tomorrow is bbq Sunday and its my 1st attempt at smoking tri-tip.
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    Just a small correction, but taking beef off at 145 is going to give you medium-well temperatures (as you said, a little over done). The meat is going to continue to cook slightly and the internal temperature is going to continue to rise a bit. Generally, people will pull their meat 5-10 degrees early. A rough idea for internal temperatre ranges of beef AFTER resting looks like this:
    125 -rare
    135 - Medium Rare
    145 - Medium
    155 - medium well
    165 - well done
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    Nice job!
  10. ibbq

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    Thanx kranders and tonybel for the tri-tip advise. In a few the tip is going on the grill

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