38 lbs Tri-tip with QVIEW

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by woggie68, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. As I promised a few days, here are some pics of my pit with a bunch of tri-tip

    Here is a couple pics of my pit:

    Here is 38lbs tri-tip seasoned and ready for a "smoke"

    Fresh into smoker

    Pulled from pit and in pan to let rest.  I forgot to take a finished pic while still in pit

    Here are couple pics of meat, sliced and ready to serve. YUM!

    Have a good afternoon and weekend everyone

  2. dirtsailor2003

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    The only thing better than a tri tip on the smoker is a whole pile of tri tips on the smoker! Looks great!!!
  3. I can put quite a pile in.  Have had as much as 250lbs in at one time.
  4. b-one

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    I can barely find tri tip nice load on a great looking rig!
  5. welshrarebit

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    No problem getting tri-tip here!

    That's a great looking smoker!!!
  6. oldschoolbbq

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    Woggie , hello . I see you have a nice Smoker big enough to do any job... [​IMG]

    Nice looking Tri's and has me wanting to find one , I've scored "0" in finding any around Toledo...
  7. :droolI get my tri-tip at Costco. I buy the cryo-vac bag, 6 roasts per bag, usually about 18-20lbs per bag. At $5.39/lb, it takes care of a Benjimian quite easily. You can buy them in a two pack, but the price is about 50% more per pound. They have them at Cash and Carry for less money, but they were unpeeled and by factoring the waste, the price was the same as Costco. Also Costco's meat is graded choice where C&C was only select. I know there are lots of you who cook tri-tip, but here's a piece of unsolicited advice: DO NOT OVER COOK! I say this because I've eaten at a couple mom&pop type BBQ joints in the last couple months and the tri-tip was dry and tough. Not pleased at all with the quality. I keep my heat at 220-240 for 2-1/2 hrs and the meat is perfect. Don't ask what the IT is. Medium rare to medium. I only use a thermometer for pork roast and poultry.

    Thanks for comments on my pit. This is the second one I built and somehow lucked out and it works beautifully. Since it is wood fired, it does take extra time tending the fire.
  8. That is a fine looking smoker full of Great looking meat.

    Happy smoken.

  9. bear55

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    Now that's a pit...

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