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  1. I'm new to the forum, but have been reading and thinking about a reverse flow smoker for some time.  I have a 300 gallon  tank, a 100 gallon tank and a trailer frame .  I'm about to jump right in and  get started.

    I am looking forward to any advice I can get as the project unfolds.

    Cylinder Tank 60"x40"

    Firebox 24"x30x36"

    Chimney 7"x36"

    Firebox Intake (6) 3.5"x4"

    Firebox to Cook Chamber opening is 10.3"  (233 sq. in)

    Baffle plate 10.3"

    Reverse Gap to Cook Chamber is 7" (245 sq in)


    1.  Will the top of firebox being an inch above entrance to CC/ baffle plate have any diverse affects?

    2. What is the recommended height for  the bottom cook shelf from the baffle plate?

    3. Intake flow-is there any advantage to intake and the output of firebox being opposite side (as in diagram intake on the right and out on the left?) 

    4. As I start to work with trailer I know I'll be asking questions regarding axle location?

     Please feel free to point out any problems or flaws that will save me some frustration

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    Firebox to Cook Chamber opening is 10.3" (233 sq. in)

    I would make the FB/CC opening 300 sq. in. and the same for the area under the RF plate..... and the area at the end of the RF plate.... appears you used "Feldon's" calculator..... We have found that calculator has some problems...

    RF plate 36.5" wide
    RF plate height 12"
    FB/CC opening, 12" high using a 20" radius cut out... same as the CC.... that gives a 317 sq. in. opening...

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  3. Thanks
    I recognize you from most of the reputable advice givers in all my research
    So by making my opening 12 high and increasing space I'll have to exceed that area on the opposite opening (in the reverse path)?
    Will this change my volume of exhaust pipe plans?
    Thank you
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    Feldon's is fine for most the numbers if you use dimensions that the Fire Box comes out 100%..... then add about 50% to the FB/CC opening and area under the RF plate...
    Feldon's uses the FB to determine dimensions.... The Cook Chamber should be used... that's why calculate to the FB at 100%....

    And the opposite end of the CC from the FB, it is a good idea to increase that opening also.... the heat/smoke has to take a 180 and that can restrict the flow...

    The numbers don't have to be EXACT... this is a guideline that has worked for many folks and improved their smokers performance...
    Remember, this is not a fan forced air movement system.... It is "gravity/convection" and darn near anything can interrupt the heat flow and screw up the performance of your smoker...
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  5. ok let's get started this is the cook chamber
  6. so here's the free trailer
  7. here's the free base for firebox - the lid plus four more inches of 1/4 inch and a plate across the top
  8. Back to questions
    Still looking for definitive answers on height above rf plate for cooking grate
    My plate is 12 inches and I still have 28 inches to the top of cook chamber?
    Would like to have three rack options
  9. the trailer is cut down to more manageable length and the axle moved forward
  10. Thanks Dave
    Making FB opening 12 high
    180 turn 9 x 36.5
    Does the exhaust need to be enlarged as well?
    Cooking grate above/ from RF plate minimum/ maximum
    I've got some pics up everything I've collected and getting started
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