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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by lu1847, Apr 18, 2012.

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    Hey guys! It's been a while since I've been on the site. Been busy and working out of town a lot so I haven't had a lot of time to smoke. Anyway here's the deal a few weeks ago I bought a mes 30" and got it home and seasoned it and did a fatty to try it out. I was real happy with the smoke ( compared to my other electric). But quickly realized the smokers temps were way off and I mean way off, like 100 degree swings. smoker was either way too hot or too cold. I called masterbuilt and they said it was likely a control panel problem. Anyway I returned it to gander mountain and they gave me a new one( actually wife did). I haven't opened it yet and i am thinking about upgrading to the 40" model with window and remote, for the extra 150. It just looks so much bigger and i like the stainless. Thoughts and opinions between the two would be appreciated.
  2. fife

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    I have the MES40 and love it. I have had mine for about a year and it turns out some really good eats.
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    I had the same problem making that decision. I went with the MES40 from Sam's and glad that I did.
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    lu1847 congrats on your new MES, sorry you have had problems, but thankfully the majority of MES owners initial experience with their new MES has been positive and thus the rave reviews.

    30 or 40" MES, most guys want a bigger TV, a bigger boat, a bigger garage, etc.  I have never heard anyone on SMF say I wish I bought the 30" instead of the 40".

    There are plenty of good reasons to move to the 40",

    • you don't have to cut or roll your racks of ribs, they lay nice and flat and you can get 2 per shelf so 8 racks.  However if your doing a big Q, you can smoke as many as 16 racks using a vertical rack which holds 4 per shelf.  There are not too many home smoking rigs for $300 bucks that will do 16 racks of ribs.

    • The extra capacity will come in handy in a lot of ways, you got 3 racks of ribs going you still have room to add a few sausages or potatoes, etc.

    • There isn't a very big difference in operating costs, a couple extra pennies an hour, the wood chip amount is the same.

    • Some guys are using their 40" MES to hang sausage, or jerky.  You can do the same with a 30" but the extra room in the 40" simply makes it easier.

    • The MES 40 makes a great HOT holding container for food waiting to be served.  I have used it in this capacity for several big events.

    anyway bigger is better in this case.
  5. Another big benefit I found in the MES40 over the MES30 is that there are more choices on where to place the AMNPS. I place the AMNPS on the center of the bottom shelf inside a bake pan (with holes drilled on the sides of the pan for air). The AMNPS burns nicely in this location and I can easlily see how it is doing through the window. Also, there is still plenty of space for the other stuff. I am not sure that this would be as viable in the MES30.
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  6. so ms smoker

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      I agree with bigger is better! You don't always need more room, but it is nice to have.

  7. lu1847

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    Well it is settled, tonight I'm heading down to sams club to purchase the 40" mes. I was going to return the 30" with 40" purchase but now I'm thinking about keeping it for smoking just fish. Does anyone notice if you do a lot of fish in a smoker and then go to do a batch of say venny jerky that the jerky has a fishy taste. A good friend of mine has a nice stick burner and smokes lots of carp. I notice that anytime he smokes something different it has a faint smoked carp taste and smell. But he does do a lot of smoked fish( sells to bars and people in town). Wondering if any one else has separate smoker for fish. Thanks.
  8. lu1847

    lu1847 Smoking Fanatic

    Well it official seasoning my new mes 40" as we speak. I noticed this one is 1200 watt, with small chip tray. Oh well, I have a SD and amzns so I'm not that worried about the small tray.

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