30" NEW MES 20070110. Got one?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by insight, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. insight

    insight Meat Mopper

    Does anyone own and use the upgraded 30" MES unit (Model 20070110) with the replaceable element, interior light, stainless door with window, etc?

    If you do, are you satisfied with it's performance to date? I am probably going to purchase one in the next week or so and would like to hear from those that have bought and used this particular MES. Thanks in advance!


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  2. ronp

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    Where are you going to buy it? Sometimes you can get the 40' cheaper at Sam's than the 30', just depends on where you get it.

    Just remember a full rack of ribs or a brisket won't fit without cutting them in half on the 30'.

    Good luck whatever you do, they are both good units.
  3. insight

    insight Meat Mopper

    Hey Ron...thanks for chiming in. Do people on this forum ever ask each other "I wonder what he's smokin'!" Just askin'...LOL

    Heard about the good deals at Sam's. Sam's and Masterbuilt no longer are business partners so the existing stock, once depleted, is all there is. The Sam's by me NEVER had any MES's in stock according to the local rep I spoke to, so I am S.O.L. in that department.

    The 40" has a 1200 watt element and I really think I would be wasting a lot of juice just smoking for my small family.....or the "friends" we have. Now that might change when the smokehouse is being used due to the many stories and anecdotes I have heard regarding neighbors and friends all of a sudden becoming your besteseesseeseess buddies due to the alluring and seductive nature of the smoke-beast. Nuff said.

    Now, does anybody own the upgraded 30" MES unit (Model 20070110) with the replaceable element, interior light, stainless door with window? [​IMG]
  4. ryanhoelzer

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  5. insight

    insight Meat Mopper

    You may be right there, but it seems like you are the only member of this forum that actually has and is using a 30" with a window....the NEW model, right? I may also be losing my mind. That is a distinct possibility!
  6. orlandosmoking

    orlandosmoking Smoking Fanatic

    Picked up model number 20070910 on black friday from bas pro shops for $129.99. No window or probe or light but has all the other "new" features. New chip loader, replacable 800 watt element, service access hatch on lower back panel, better door seal and latch.
    Maverick ET73 off of ebay for $36 solved the lack of a meat probe and added a cook chamber probe as well (not to mention a remote display) which I prefer because of other threads I've read here discussing the inaccuracies of the digital controller, some off by 20-30*. [​IMG]
    Window?? no thanks, don't want to clean it. Besides, watching meat smoke is probably as exciting as watch grass grow.
    The 30" unit your looking at with a stainless door w/ window seems to be a specific promo item for home depot and for $249 I would spring for the extra $50 and get the 40" from sams club. I think lowes has the unit like mine for $179 and so far I'm quite pleased with it. Just a question of how much you want to spend. I think with the all the improvements that any newer model MES will be a good choice.
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  7. insight

    insight Meat Mopper

    Yo Orlando! Thanks for the info. Very helpful. Might opt for the model you got. A bit more research then off the fence I will go with a full report to the crew here at SMF!

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