30" MES Stainless - Black Friday SALE!

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by buckeye024, Nov 4, 2010.

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    And note that the BPS one is a new model with remote and wheels.
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    You can't always go by what you hear over the phone. When I called Masterbuilt, a very nice lady said both the MES 40s at Sam's and at Cabela's were the same---ALL Stainless. I asked why the price was $100 difference? She said some places have higher mark-ups, I guess. I asked, since the one from Sam's Model number ends in #211, and Cabela's ends in #311, what is the difference? She said nothing at all, they are both the same.

    That's why I wanted to get one at Sam's, until I found out that phone info was entirely wrong!

    You know the rest,

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    This is the exact reasoning behind the model number list i made. I could never get a straight answer from anyone at Masterbuilt. I have called and asked them more than once about the model number and what options each had. I also found out that some of the model numbers on the list are only available in Canada. The list is up to date with all the options available on all the models produced so far. I still need to get pictures posted of all the options for references.
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    I know. I have used your list more than once. I for one am glad you collected it.
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    Thanks Bear I am always willing to help. As with many more on the Forum.
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    Gotta Love good Ole Wal-Mart! Best deal out there! [​IMG]
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    Look closer at the one on Amazon.com they are models 20070106/20070910. The one Bass pro shop has for there Black Friday sale is the new model with wheels/remote/handle model 20070411
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    Also there is a significant difference between the 20070106 and the 20070910. The 0910 has an access panel for the heating coil connections and the 0106 does not. I don't know how you might specify which model you want from Amazon.

    Another source is Walmart. They are listing MES30 for $179, and I think it is only the 0910 model.  .
  12. I don't know if they do or not, but I think I will brave the stupid people and get one.  It is my birthday anyway, so they should get out of my way!  LOL...
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    I don't believe you can buy it online.  This site: http://www.black-friday.net/bf/bassproshops-black-friday.html has it indicated as being a "Door Buster", so I would presume you need to be there to get that price. 

    I was on the fence about whether or not I should drive an hour and a half to get there an hour before they open so I can try to find one quickly and maybe get a good deal and then drive an hour and a half back home.  But instead I'm just going to hope I can find it for less than $250 online somewhere on Black Friday.  Paying an extra $70 to save four hours of time and not having to deal with the crowds will be well worth it, I think.  

    Or maybe I'll just get the bigger one from Cabelas.

    FYI: You can see BPS's entire Black Friday ad If you click "ad scan" near the upper left corner. 
  14. [​IMG]
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    Hi all,

          First time poster long time lurker, with the above mentioned problem with the model number I have found that 2 stores will have different numbers so there con be no price matching then.  Also I have the 30" MES Bass pro sold last year and it has worked great, picked that one up at 10AM and they had 20 of them left.  So I wouldn't rush, the 30" does seem small, I have a brisket in now and it barely fits on the grate, and usually my ribs I have to cut the slabs in half.  Go with the 40" model, it will be worth not having to kill the meat.

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    That might be with some other "in store" number, but the model number on the back of the units are from Masterbuilt. They aren't there for price matching. If you go to Texacajun's signature (at the bottom of all of his posts), and click on "MES Model Numbers", you can see what each "model numbered" smoker has to offer.

  17. So I got up about 4:30 this morning and headed to the BPS in Council Bluffs, Iowa.  It was a half hour drive from my house.  Go there about 5:40.  Got in line outside.  There were about 300 already there.  The doors opened at 6 and eventually I was in the store.  I head upstairs to where the smokers are at and find my next line.  There are about 75 people in this line wanting a smoker.  I wait and finally get my claim slip.  Then I have to go pay for it.  Stood in line for another 10 minutes waiting to pay.  Then I head out to my car and get in a line of cars picking up their smokers around back.  The good news is I got my MES 30 for 179 plus tax.  I was nervous that I would not get one when I saw all the people in line for one.  They must have had at least 100 of them available.  I doubt there are any left now.

    I have never smoked anything before.  I need to go get some wood and some spices to mix up a rub.  I have some country style ribs in the freezer.  Maybe I should get them out.  Probably need to get a meat thermometer as well if the MES one is not accurate.
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    No need to be near one.  It says they have free shipping.  Good deal.
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