30 gallon mini reverse flow build

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  1. I thought I share what I have started in the old farm shop.

    In the same vein as my mini 16 gallon UDS, I've started to build a mini 30/16 gallon double reverse flow

    I've scored two free barrels


    I'm going to mount the 30 gallon horizontally across the top of the 16 gallon drum


    I have already cut into the 16 gallon to fit tight to the 30, as welll as disecting the 30 for the lid.  They are welded together already, but I have no pictures.  I will stop by the shop and get some tonight.

    Thanks for looking.

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    I am going to keep an eye on this build.  Looks good so far.
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    Look like it will be a nice build.
  4. I played around today on Sketchup and came up with a drawing of what is in my head


    I'll have a square charcoal basket that will slide in through the door.  I will probably make the door shorter.  It is 12" wide and 18" high in the model.

    I could also pull out the basket and use a turkey burner with a chip pan on it if I want gas power.

    There will be something like 18x24" of rack space in the top.

    Some 2" stainless milk pipeline will make a nice exhaust pipe.

    I also have 1" channel iron and 1x1" angle to put around the door, the channel on the bottom half, filled in with fireplace rope.  The angle iron will be welded to the lid, so when it is closed, it will provide a seal against the fireplace rope.

  5. I love this idea and have a question . . .

    With the smaller barrel holding up the bigger barrel, what consideration have you made (or do you need to) for it possibly tipping over?

    Will you need something to help balance/stablize?

    I have 2 45 gal drums sitting around and I'm liking your set-up

    Thanks in advance and I'm new to building :) 

  6. Well, I finally got the pictures I promised.

    Hey there, CanadianNewbie, I had given the tipping over question some thought at the beginning, and right now, it sits not too badly.  I might change my mind when I put the lid on, though.  I saw my father's old barbeque in the scrap pile, so I migh salvage the frame from it and put my smoker on wheels like a gas grill with a frame having the same footprint as the smoker itself, and that would aid both stability and portability.


    Yup, that's the 45 gallon uds in the background.


    I'm not sure how my sharpie thermometers are going to work


    Now I need to cut the door into the lower barrel and install it, reinforce around the lid with the channel and angle iron, install the lid, build the baffle plate and drain, make the charcoal basket.....  This all takes time...  if anyone has time they can lend me, I'll gladly take it.

    I'll try to keep this updated.

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    [​IMG]You ask for help but don't even have your location poster in your info.[​IMG]
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  8. Thanks, I have updated my info.

  9. Looks great !

    You inspired me for my next project hahaha.

    I look forward to more photos - keep at it


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