30# - 6 hours and at 180!!

Discussion in 'Grilling Pork' started by rherman522, Aug 24, 2013.

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    Ok so I'm doing my first what I figured would be an overnight smoke. Have 4 boneless butts avg 6-7# each going tonight. Did my usual rub and let them sit out a little before putting them in.

    I smoke in MB 30 with an apple/pecan for the first 4. Temp start 240 after 4 I go down to 230 usually. Well tonight sat up with it for the first four and fed it chips as needed. Decided to come in and get a couple hours of sleep... 2 hours later I come out and decide to probe to see where we stand and it's at 180-185 in all 4!!!!

    I've never had this happen before 7pm start and 1 am and they are falling apart!

    Foiled and now letting them wrap and sit in the cooler but what happened?!? Anyone else ever experience this?

    Last month took 14 hours for a 10# and now today 30# in 4?!

    Taste is there, bark could be more, tenderness we will see after foiling but looked the same.
  2. rherman522

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    Sorry just noticed I messed up times there... It is 6 hours that it went to get to 180 (not 4)!

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