3 Hour Brisket!?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by ptbrauch, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. Ok, so I was planning on doing some baby backs in my MES today.  While heating things up, I went to the grocery store.  They had packer cut briskets on sale and since I was already smoking, I got a small one that went 7.88 lbs.  I probably trimmed off a lb of fat.  I then put them all in the smoker, the brisket on the bottom, the ribs on the shelves above that.  The brisket is probably sitting within an inch of the water pan.  Its been 3 hours and the brisket temp is 190.  I opened it up and probed a few more spots and got comparable temps.  The ribs aren't done yet.  Is it plausible that it could be done in just 3 hours?  Oh yeah, I was smoking at 225 and it probably took an hour to get back up to temp once I loaded it up.
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    If you are sure about your probe thermo then I guess so.  I do run mine to 205 but that is just me.  I would double check my thermo for accuracy with boiling water.  If it is ok then my guess is that the steam so close to the water pan did the job for you. 
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    What Rick said and maybe check with another thermo too just to verify, since it cooked so fast I would take it to 205 too.  
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    If you are using the MES probe It may be off. If the brisket is tender enough to slide a butter knife into fairly easy it's good to go.
  5. I fount the MES probe to be off by 15 degrees
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    A good way to see if it's done is with a toothpick. stick it in several places & if it's done there is little to no resistance.
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    All good replies above.

    All I can say, other than what has been said, is that I would find it hard to believe it could be done at 3 hours of 225˚.


  8. What Bear said, especially if it took 1 hr to get back up to temp.  That means it cooked in 2hrs @ 225º + whatever the temp was while returning to 225º.
  9. I agree with the probing consensus:

    The thermo may say done, but nothing leaves my smoker until I can effortlessly slide my pocket knife through it.

    3 hours is in keeping for a 2.5B hunk of flat.

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