3 degrees…….spring!!!

Discussion in 'Canadian Group' started by border city pit, Mar 9, 2014.

  1. Well the time change and above zero means that one should get the pit fired up!!  So went out got a sirloin tip roast and threw it in the smoker. Made up a marinade that had cherry whisky and dr. pepper (plus some other ingredients) and injected it.  I put it in the zip lock bag with the marinade (trying to remove as much air as possible) for 20 hours.   Fired up the WSM with some mesquite hunks and enjoyed the smells and sun!!!  Ahhh spring gotta love it!!  Unfortunately all for pictures is the final product.

    Oh and I started something too which is a Log sheet with what I think is important details as my memory sucks.  This way I can hone my skills


  2. All thats missing is a picture of a bottle of Steam Whistle.

    Warming up here in MN too. Just did some ribs this weekend.

    I was talking to my family back home this weekend. Sounds like spring may just be getting there.

    Might not need to stuff that stupid groundhog in the smoker after all.


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