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Discussion in 'Pork' started by fishawn, May 31, 2008.

  1. fishawn

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    PORK ROOKIE here. I have 3 bone in pork roasts for a total of about 16 pounds in the MES. I bought them this afternoon, brought them home & let them sit at room temp for about 1 hour. Rubbed them with Arthur Bryant's Poultry rub which is my all time favorite & threw in a couple of Fattys. NOW WHAT????? I mowed the lawn & my neighbor brought me over a beer when he smelled the smoke (wonder why?)......I have the MES set to 225* and she is working her way back up. I read somewhere the general rule is 1.5 hours per pound in the smoker, but have also read that nearly all cuts of meat can be different & cook to temp, not time. Any way, anyone have any input. It is about 65* with no wind @ 6:00pm. Am I looking at a 12 or 24 hour smoke?.......I have the water pan full....Do I need to spray them with juice, booze, etc.........should I wrap them to finish.......I would appreciate all comments & suggestions. FOR GOD'S SAKE IT FINALLY LOOKS LIKE SUMMER HAS HIT THE NORTHWEST!
  2. smokebuzz

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    Foil them when they hit 165-170*, then take them to 200*, wrap in towels and rest in a cooler for 1-2 hours.
    Aprox on the 1 1/2 hrs per# of each peice not total weight of meat.
    16# , 3 chunks , should be around 7-8 hrs , or 12-18 bottles
  3. flyin'illini

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    Fish, Summer is great. It is finally here in MI too! You sound like you are rolling along to start just fine. Many have used the 'sticky' for basic pulled pork as it produces excellent results. Read this and you will be fine.

    PS -- Cook to temp, cook to temp, cook to temp.... 165 foil it, at 195-205 you are done, wrap it in a cooler to let it rest, then pull it an hour or more later.
  4. audioxtremes

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    Don't forget the finishing sauce. It really makes pulled pork.

    Deffinately spritz with some apple juice and your fav liquer!
  5. ronp

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    Since you have the MES you can look at my test method from last night.


    Most folks like a long smoke but I don't. If you don't want to wait for your target temp 200'?, instead of towling, etc, just wrap in foil when you hit temps, and set the MES to your target temp and in the am, they will be perfect.

    Hope this helps. Good luck!
  6. flyin'illini

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    Forgot this sticky. Good catch. A must for pulled pork.
  7. mossymo

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    My guess is at a smoker temp of 225º they will all average about 6 1/2 hours a peice till they reach a foil wrap time, but I gaurantee each will plateau differently. Wrap them in foil at 160ºish and watch each butt individually if you can till each reach 195-205º; this should be about 9 1/2 hours. Put the foiled butt, towel wrapped in a cooler for a few hours. Sounds like you have some good fixings of eats on your way !!!
  8. twomill

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    Like they all said. Just remember that if you have 3-4 pieces of the same type of meat and same weight they could all be ready at the same time or at different times for each. If you cook to temp then you will not be embarrassed. (and yes spritz the butts every hour or so after the first couple of hours.
  9. fishawn

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    Thanks for all the input, everything is considered. Got them all in about the 150* range. Everything looks good. but the neighbors are starting to drink all my beer..........Just got a Molson supply.....Good for now. I think I am headed for about 165* , then foil wrapped to about 190-200* then I have a couple of baseball games tommorow. Can I pull them @ 195*+- and double foil wrap, them in towels, Then into a cooler for a while?
  10. travcoman45

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    Prewarm the cooler with some warm water, then add yer meat. It should keep fer some time. Can't say how long, but ya wan't ta stay above 140. I would think 4 or so hours. May the smoke gods smile upon yer cooker!

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