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    I have a guide series 15lb stuffer, and from research here I see the FDick 3/8 tube from Butcher Packer fits. Unfortunately they have been out of stock for a few weeks now. I have the means of making my own out of stainless steel tubing, but have a few questions for anyone that already has a SS 3/8 tube. If you have a Caliper handy, could you measure the wall thickness on your tube, so i know what thickness SS tube to order? Also is the outside diameter 3/8 or is this measurement inside diameter? Thanks for your help, I have seen the threads on here where people show off their homemade tubes, but I cant seem to find this information. Mine came with all plastic tubes so I have no idea what thickness to make them out of. Any Idea what grade SS to use?

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    Hey tony,

    I had one made of SS, I took the 1/2" with me and told them to use the dimensions of that to make the 3/8" and I made the ID 3/8".

    I don't have any pics of it, but if you want I'll take some and post them later.

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    Sounds good thanks!
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    Onytay, evening.... The 3/8 dimension is nominal.... 17-19mm casings will fit on a 1/2" OD tube just fine... 1/2" = 12.6mm  that leaves 4.4 - 6.4 mm clearance....

    I was looking at 1/2" OD X .03X  wall....  The thinner the wall, the easier it is to squeeze the meat thru the tube.... If the "18mm" casing fits on the tube, the bigger the opening for the meat, the better....  
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    I understand that the thinner the wall the easier it is to push the meat through, I was worried of going to thin that the tube would be easier to bend when bumped or hit with something. Murphy hangs around me allot and I can just picture being in the middle of making snack sticks, and bending the tube and everything coming to a grinding halt![​IMG]  Yep see now i believe I'll make 2 to be on the safe side
  6. I wish I had a 3/8 tube as well, I use natural casings and the smaller Sheep casings 20/22 -22/24 are half the price of 24/26 and 26/28. and the 22/24 are hard to get started on the 1/2 tube and some times get stuck coming off, I am thinking about switching to collagen casings just to save some cash [​IMG]
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    I ordered the tubing yesterday, I post a pic when it comes in and I get it fabed up.
  8. 304 or 18/8 stainless is what you want to use. It's food grade.
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    I read somewhere where 316 was ok to use for food too?
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    2 Tubes i had made for my 5 lb LEM

    Top is 3/8 x 12"  Bottom is 1" x 10"


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    If is ok with you, keep track of material and labor cost, you may find a whole bunch of customers here...I can do anything with a Knife, Whisk and Spatula but that's about all the tools I can use...JJ
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    Those look good, I am planning on making my 3/8 tube 12 inches long as well. Thanks for the pics!

  13. Ontay i'm betting 316 is ok for food use specially if it is 316L that is what they consider surgical SS,   here is info I found in a quick search...


    Typical applications include:

    •         Food preparation equipment particularly in chloride environments.

    •         Pharmaceuticals

    •         Marine applications

    •         Architectural applications

    •         Medical implants, including pins, screws and orthopaedic implants like total hip and knee replacements

    •         Fasteners

    Source: http://www.azom.com/article.aspx?ArticleID=2382

    a pretty good read if you like that sort of thing
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    That's where I got my information as well, that's why I ordered 316 and yes its 316L

  15. I think 18/8 and 304 are the same grade of stainless, or more specifically 304 is a type of 18/8

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