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  1. I am overwhelmed with all these inputs I get here. Thank you! Yes the more I cook the better I will get. The problem here in the Philippines is that the ribs BB are to thin so I need to adjust the time for it not to get dry. I will post some more photos of what I have done soon. 

    Again, Thank you for all the inputs.
  2. A couple things you might try since the meat you are getting is so thin, Try adjusting the cook time and I would try a lower temp. Maybe 200 - 210  Temp does make a big difference. and before you wrap make sure you are spritzing (that will help keep them moist. When you do wrap, here is what I do I lay down a good layer of squeeze butter (Parkay or whatever) whatever seasoning you like Honey, Brown Sugar, your rib seasoning on the foil put the ribs meat side down do the same thing to the back of the ribs, wrap them back up ans put back on the smoker, also add a little apple juice in there too will help with the moisture.  Just a thought, give it a try

    Good luck

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    3-2-1 works for both however baby backs can be 2-2-1. Its smoking after all so time is about a target not precision. For best results remove the silver skin. Keep the heat at the grate level @ 218 +/- 7.  For "fall of the bone" ribs add a shot of whiskey in to the foil wrap.  Practive makes perfect
  4. I had never done spare ribs before so I decided to try the 3-2-1 method. When I unwrapped the ribs after just short of 2 hours I found the edges burnt badly. They were pretty thick slabs and I kept the smoker at 225-235. What wasn't burnt was definitely over cooked. Where did I go wrong?
  5. You may want to check your temp gauge sounds like it could be off. Remove your temp. gauge and place it in boiling water if it reads 212 you are good if not you can adjust for the temp difference. You could also be having some hot spots on your smoker. I have found that after 3 hours at 225 ans spritzing regularly I never have burnt edges or dry. I really think it may be a temp. problem. When I do foil I use squeeze butter, honey, seasoning and some apple juice. When I unwrap they are wet and moist.

  6. You may need to wash the thermometer because it can be off if it is very greasy/dirty. I got that info from Weber.
  7. Good reminder, I forgot about that. One other thing, Kind of embarrassing. On one of my cooke I wasn't paying attention when I loaded up my smoker (as I usually do) and my probe on my thermometer was touching my brisket (may have even poking into it. I kept watching the gauge and it would not go up. It was a pretty cool windy day last fall. I added more wood to my fire opened the damper to get more air and even re positioned my smoker. Then like a light going off I thought this is not the problem, I never have this happen. I then thought it's the gauge, so when I opened my lid to remove the gauge, I saw it the meat was too close. I always leave a gap so I can get a good reading. Re positioned the meat shut the lid and the temp shot way up to about 350, so I had bring it back down to 225. That is my head in my rear story.

  8. did u add any liquid to the foil?
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    A little operator head space error is always my biggest problem.  If you need to calibrate you temp gauge put it in boiling water and adjust so that the needle is at 212.  If digital and off significantly get a new one.
  10. I added apple juice, a little white vinegar and some brown sugar. I also forgot to mention it was my first time using rib racks and it was the bottom edge that got burnt but either way everything was overcooked. I'll check in to these things. Thanks for the suggestions
  11. If you are using rib racks you might try foiling the ends if your are standing them up same principal as foiling the chicken or turkey wing tips and the end of the leg. I have used Rib Racks before but have not experienced that problem.

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    I usually flip/rotate my ribs in the racks after 1hr to even the cook on the edges and account for hotspots. I started doing that when using grill, and carried over to smoker out of habit.

    If cooking 4 racks I will swap the inside pair to the outside as well. Takes 2min and ensures all 4 cook evenly..

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  13. Tge 3 2 1 method works great on both, but the last time i smoked BB ribs i did the 3 5 1 method & thats how i will smoke them from now on.... 275 degrees on a Weber Kettle indirect heat .... The last time i did spare ribs i trimmed em St. Louis Style & did the 3 2 1 method at 275 & they did not get done, but on other smokers may not apply???
  14. u did 9 hr baby backs? lol.
  15. Hello palmerspit, you may want to give your temp. gauge a check to make sure it is reading correctly. I have never had to cook my ribs that long, and I cook at 225

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    Did two racks this weekend, 3_2_1 method, after 3 hours wrapped and basted with 8oz apple juice per rack.... Used the top rack of a two rack UDS. Never used a rib rack, have no reason.
  17. Question !   since you are in the Philippines are there many different types of wood that would be good for smoking and  have you used any of them?  Always curious about the flavor of different woods?

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    This is exactly the same thing I do.
  19. Hi Gary, I haven't touch that issue yet, I want to do the basic hickory and mesquite woods for now. Once I nail this then I will try woods such as Acacia, Kakawate (Chocolate) woods. I would also like to try the husk of the coconut as coconut tree is abundant here in the Philippines. Coconut husk is used to smoke fish here. i'm guessing I need to soak the coconut husk in water before using it.  
  20. I was wondering, after 2 or 3 hours of smoking we wrap the ribs, right. then place it back in the smoker. what I was thinking is that instead of putting the foil wrapped ribs back in the smoker I will place it in the oven for 2 hours. Then when everyone is ready to eat then slap it back on the charcoal grill. Would there be any difference in flavor? 

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