2nd Whole Chicken on ECB

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by pastorgadget, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. pastorgadget

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    Today I did my second whole chicken on my ECB with mods.  I had a tough time getting the heat up to 250 in the smoker. After digging around the Forum I decided I needed less water in the water pan. I filed it half way then i lowered it to quarter full. Still kept leveling off at 200, not a bad temp but not enough to get the chicken to 180.  I let the level get down to about an inch or less. Had to keep an eye on the temp, when the pan ran dry it would shoot over 300 I would just add boiled water.  I also kept adding charcoal about every 30-40 minutes.  

    I need to find a good grate to raise the charcoal to separate from the ash. I had Iron Lodge Trivets that I tried it helped but not enough. I also added some holes to the top for vent.  I need to develop a better vent system.

    It all worked well

  2. bomftdrum

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    I have an ecb and I have been lucky with temp problems. I start with a full chimney starter and it shoots to about 300. After that I use about a alf a chimney starter full I usually stay around 230 to 260. Saying this, the only mod that I have done is a new temp gauge. Of course I live in Florida where it is. 100 in the shade.

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