2nd Time for Pulled Pork! one more?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by showlandy, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. showlandy

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    I want to thank everyone that responded to my last post (if at first you dont succeed) I used all the suggestions and my second go went MUCH better...It still took longer than expected and waiting an hour to touch it was tough but thanks to you all it paid off and I am still enjoying the left overs!!

    I ended up wrapping it at 175 after adding some juice... took it to 200... wrapped it in a blanket and put it into a 5 gal paint bucket that will also double as my briner in the near future.. waited an hour and 15 and then had at it... AWESOME!!

    I have one more question....

    It was very hard to maintain a constant temp ( I was trying to maintain 250) i got the yo yo effect... it would drop to 225 and when I added some wood or charcoal it would spike to almost 300.. i was trying everything... opening stack, closing stack.... intake all the way or part way.... I also went through an entire bag of lump charcoal, is this normal? In case its not there I am using a brinkmann offset.

    Thanks for any advice.. you guys are the best source of info ever!!!
  2. jirodriguez

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    What was the weather like? If it was windy that could play a large part in temp. controll. Also to controll temps use the firebox damper, not the exhaust vent out of the chamber. Exhaust vent will almost always be 100% open.

    As for consumption, how big was your bag of lump 10lb.? 20 lb.? I can usually use 8-14 lbs. of lump on a 6-8 hr. smoke with my offset smoker. On a side note I have found a really nice inbetween to get stability and flavor. I put one unlit chimney of lump into my charcoal basket, then add a full chimney of lit charcoal briquets (Royal Oak is what I use). The briquets are very stable and long burning, and the lump gives it nice flavor and the extra heat I need for my rig (each rig is differant). With that set up I can run at 250° in my smoke chamber and not have to do anything to it for 2-3 hours (dependant on weather). Then I add another lit chimney of briquets and am good for another 2 hours.

    If you dont have one yet get some sort of charcoal basket, so you can periodically shake the ash off of the coals. This helps to revive them and let more air into the fire. Keep practising, glad to hear the 2nd time around went better [​IMG]
  3. raceyb

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    Grate(sic) advice! ^^^ What he said.

    Glad your second attempt rocked on!! pictures?
  4. showlandy

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    Thanks for the advice.. I looked here an found some mods that I think I need to make to get a more consistent fire.

    It was a windy day, very windy for FL.. It must have been the edge of the front that is now creeping through.

    I went though a 10lb bag and some wood and mesquite chunks. I do not have a damper... another thing I need to create.

    you were right on with the ash.. I noticed a big build up halfway through and went to work clearing it up.... it helped immediately bring the temp up

    I think I will first build a damper, then the box, then another gauge and I will start using my 2nd taylor to monitor temp inside the smoker.

    Thanks for the encouragement and knowledge.
  5. Great advice. The only thing I would add is you mentioned a paint bucket. Please be sure and use food grade buckets for brining. You never know what might leach out.
  6. jirodriguez

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    A cheap coal basket is the BBQ Wok's at Lowe's - think they run around $12-$15. I is a tad on the small side, but I have been using one for almost a year now without any issues. I'm to cheap to make a better one.... and lazy if you listen to my wife! [​IMG]

    A great cheap and easy meat to practice with are chicken leg quarters. Very yummy, easy on the pocket book, and cook in 3 hours or so - but go by internal meat temp! Wife and kids love em... very hard to have left overs for lunch the next day. [​IMG]

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