2nd Smoke w/ Q-View! Brisket, Potatoes and Eggs

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ewanjackson, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. Not long now.  Getting there.  Keep Smokin!

  2. 17:30 - 7 hours

    Meat 194

    Smoker 243 - shook up the coals a bit. Lot of ash in there. Vents at 25/0/0

    Can't see too great, but the coals are only about half used! Wood is all gone though. Did about 4 handfuls of apple chunks

  3. Still watching !!

  4. 18:00 - 7 hr 30

    Took the brisket off at 198 IT. Currently resting it in the oven set at 60 F as I don't have a cooler.

    While taking the brisket off, the foil split below it, and a lot of the juice came out :( Got a really nice burn on my left ring finger :(

    Pics of the brisket inc when cooled - thinking about 19:45-20:00 for tea time.

    Going to slow roast a few bell peppers. Just got olive oil and balsamic vinegar on them to try it out :) Going to cover 2 fully and leave one open.

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  5. [​IMG]   You are pushing the boat out here.  Good for you!  If you don't try you don't learn.  LOOKIN GOOD!  Keep Smokin!

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    Ewan, your having a full day at it :yahoo:

    Smokin Monkey
  7. Oh it's fun to get several thing going all at once. Sometimes I'll smoke a brisket, butt, ribs, sausage and chicken all at the same time

  8. I will try sausages next time for sure
  9. OK final diagnosis time.

    1.574 kg (3.6lb) - 7:30 hours to smoke.

    Brisket was lovely and tender - a bit drier than I had hoped, but I did guess this would happen as I didn't inject it and foiled it fairly late. Good to know for next time.

    Great colour on this

    On the board for chopping

    Yay, my first smoke ring?! Glorious sight to behold when I sliced into it.

    And a lot of lovely juices left over to separate later

    Potatoes turned out good too!

    3 hours foiled with just olive oil, salt and pepper, then halved and filled with a mix of the potato innards, cheese, chives, bacon and sour cream. Very scrummy, but very sickly (I can't describe the exact taste of it. I had about 3/4 of the potato portion and then was done. My girlfriend had it all!)

    Peppers turned out OK. In the end they were only in about 1 hr 15, which was enough for my girlfriend as she likes things al dente (pasta etc) but they would need double as long for me next time!

    Thanks to all who shared this journey with me. Hope to have some sandwiches tomorrow with this on!
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    Ewan what was the final temp of that brisket?
  11. 198 F for about 10 mins stable - bearcarver pulled it at 200 F
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    Great job Ewan! Looks delicious! Another very successful Qview. Thanks for posting, David.
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    Well it looks really good. I would guess the reason it is a little dry is just that it didn't have a lot of fat in it to start with. From what I see of meat over there that is often the case. Anyway great job! Points.
  14. I have been watching the whole time but haven't posted until now. That might be the BEST smoke ring I've EVER seen.

    Next time try using the probe method for confirming it's done rather than a temp (edited). Great job!
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  15. Well done!  Keep Smokin"

  16. Definitely, the fat was almost non-existant. Will probably smoke the full brisket next time (the vac packed ones) as these looked like they had a much much better fat cap etc.

    Thanks all for the lovely comments, my girlfriend loved it so I guess it's thumbs up for now!

  17. timberjet

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    Make that au jus and when you store the leftover add it to the meat. It will rehydrate it some. When you reheat it will be better than it is today.
  18. Nice Job,  Great looking smoke ring and color. Sorry to hear it was a little dryer than expected, Since you probably checked and verified your temp gauges to be accurate a couple of things since your final temp was 198 º. the brisket its self may have been extremely lean.  I never inject, I smoke at 225 º I use only salt and pepper and rub right before I put it on. I usually smoke it for about 6 hours, then pull it and wrap in butcher paper then back on till done, usually about another 6 hours  This is a full packer.

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    Looks great impressive smoke ring for sure!
  20. Hi Ewan.  I don't know what briskets you have access to but that is why I posted my brisket thread ( the bottom link I sent you ).  If you have access to better briskets GO FOR IT ( IE not trimmed to death )!  You will not be disappointed.  I can't get them in my part of the country,hence my post of what to ask for at the local butcher.  For your first brisket and considering you were using a U.K. supermarket brisket, you did a STELLAR job!  Well Done!  Keep Smokin!


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