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  1. So I decided to go the jerky route for my 2nd smoke. Went out and got a couple of top sirloin roasts (about 4 1/2 lbs between the 2) and slice it up. I don't have a deli slicer so everything was done by hand. Looking back, I really think I need to invest in one of those! Tried my best to get is 1/4" thick against the grain and cut it into strips from there. I used Original Wild West teriyaki and cracked pepper & garlic that I bought from Cabela's. Cured/marinated it from about 36 hrs then it went in the smoker with no wood at about 165' for about 1 1/2 hrs and then 2 hrs using a mix of cherry and maple. End result is some pretty decent jerky for my first time, but there is always room for improvement as it's just a bit too dry and has a slight bitter taste from what I think was the flare up I had when I put the chips in the factory chip tray and didn't use my cast iron skillet.

    Didn't get any pics of the actual roasts but here are some of my slices!

    The cure/seasoning I used.

    Everything all mixed up and ready to go in the fridge!

    Top pic is teriyaki, bottom the cracked pepper and garlic, all ready to go in the smoker!

    Everything all loaded up and ready to go.

    Almost done!

    Mmmmm, jerky!

    I look forward to everyone's comments and especially the suggestions on how I can improve!
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    They look good to me.
    I though, like to dry them at lower temps... starting with 115* for first hour, then add smoke and bump it up 10degrees * every hour for about 6 hours. I find to get good results that way. It drys it out more than cook it that way.
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    How was the cracked pepper & garlic seasoning btw? I saw it my last visit and almost grabbed it but went with just pepper. I like the flavoring of cabela's brands.. its just to saltly tasting to me...
  4. The cracked pepper & garlic is fantastic! The teriyaki on the other hand is very disappointing. I think I may have to either find a recipe online or quadruple the amount of seasoning I put in because it just tastes like plain ol beef jerky to me!
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    Ill have to try it out. See I always try the store bought stuff on half of my batches when I do jerky. But my personal favorite I like the taste of the meat. I just use black pepper, cayenne, red pepper flakes, smoked paprika, and cure #1.. thats it. It has a peppery flavor, a little heat... but it lets the meat shine. My friends dont like it cause it taste like MEAT... (more for me.. ) but EXACTLY :) hehe... anyways.. Thanks. My next trip to Cabela's Ill grab some of the garlic. 

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