2nd round of pork butts and a fatty

Discussion in 'Pork' started by scrollman3, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. I thought I would do 2 more butts for the 4th. I got a late start 8:00 am now it's 2 pm and there's thunderstorms on the way. The center rack did'nt look right being empty so I made a bacon wrapped Fatty with pepperjack cheese, onions and garlic. 6 hours on the butts and 1 hour on the Fatty.
  2. bbq bubba

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  3. gypsyseagod

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    great lookin' chunks a hide ya got there so far.
  4. hillbillysmoker

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    Great looking smoking adventure. Have fun.
  5. ron50

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    The butts look awesome, but then, so does the fatty!
  6. wvsmokeman

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    It all looks GOOD!!
  7. blackhawk19

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    I'm all in for that Fatty, post some finished pics
  8. Here ya go. Had the Fatty for dinner, very good. Bacon wrap is the only way to go. Pulled one butt off at 9:30 the other has 20 degrees to go.
  9. crownovercoke

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    WoW I am in love!!! At the risk of sounding like some kind of freak... That is some gorgous meat...[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  10. calismoker

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    That looks incredibly tasty, going to try it tomorrow. congratulations looks like success.
  11. Here's the pork butts, by the time I got things done it was really late and just wanted to goto bed. They turned out great. It's kinda strange that since I started smoking, I'm seeing alot more of my family and friends in the past week. And it's always around dinner time. Hmmmm.

    Have a great 4th
  12. That may be one of the best recipes of heard of for a fatty, I've GOT TO try one of those next.

    Great lookin pulled pork as well, how did it taste?
  13. gypsyseagod

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    if you smoke it.... they will come. good job

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