2nd round of fatties plus mac & cheese

Discussion in 'Fatties' started by ameskimo1, Sep 22, 2013.

  1. Hello everyone! Second round of fatties, these are a combination of ground turkey and Bob Evans Italian Sausage (sale today, helps support my 'smoking' habit) with pizza sauce, cheese, red/green bell peppers, and red onions.

    Living on the edge a little and attempting homemade smoked mac & cheese as well.

    I maybe filled the fatties a little too full.....no.

      That mac & cheese was so good it almost didn't make it to the smoker. Well a few bites didn't anyway. :)

    And a some corn on the cob.

    Now that's just as beautiful as a newborn baby, right??
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  2. Looking good man  [​IMG]
  3. The finished product

  4. hambone1950

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    Holy smokes! The fatties look remarkable. I see you foiled the top of the Mac n cheese (to limit the smoke?) how did that work out? :grilling_smilie:
  5. Thanks Ham, the mac & cheese turned out great. I did foil it and then cut several 'vents' for the smoke to enter; this was a shallow pan and I didn't want to over smoke it and was concerned about the top drying out. Next time I will use more of a breadloaf syle pan - deeper with less surface area - and cover the same way. 
  6. Looks great! I've got two fatties on right now and was going to smoke some Mac n cheese as well. Never did get to making the Mac so I'll just have to eat more fattie!
  7. driedstick

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    Man that looks great.
  8. sqwib

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  9. Still have to get around to making a fatty, haven't done one yet . I love smoked mac and cheese though. All of your things look great. Nice job
  10. jeffed76

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    Smoked Mac and cheese... Brilliant! How much smoky flavor did it absorb? Were you happy with the size of the foil vents?
  11. blacklab

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    I like it! great job
  12. dirtsailor2003

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  13. I did a mac-n-cheese japaleno stuffed fattie this past weekend with some sausage.  Just thought I would share some Q view!

  14. How long and at what temp are you cooking the mac & cheese?  I have never covered mine - I like the smoke flavor and the top to be crispy with the insides nice and creamy.  I've always gotten good results without covering.
  15. Thanks everyone!

    Jeffed - Picked up a nice smoke flavor, not to light or deep but I'll be more careful placing the vents. Some parts were a deeper smoke than others, didn't seem to be a problem as it was gone in no time.

    Tuscan - it was a warm afternoon so the smoker ran 230-250 and was in for about 2 1/2 hrs.

    Dirt - thanks for the recipe, I was actually wanting to do a no boil as I think it will get a deeper flavor,

    Vince - the jalopeno and mac/cheese smoothie looks awesome, that will be on my list of things to try as well!
  16. s2k9k

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    Sorry I missed this earlier but that all looks Awesome!!!
  17. billyj571

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    Great looking fatties

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