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  1. I made some venison summer sausage and was going to grind it 2 times.  the first time I ground it through the 3/16 plate mixed the spices in and then attempted to grind it though the 1/8 plate.  I read where you were suppose to let the grinder pull the mixture through but the mixture would not go through without really pushing it down the tube.  Am I doing something wrong?  I really had to exert a lot of pressure to get it to grind.

  2. I push it threw. But I don't have to push hard

  3. I very seldom have to push the meat through. I also spray everything with food safe silicone.
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    Did you clean the knife and the plate before you ground the second time?  Every thing i make into sausage i ground the first time through a course plate.  Then i put in the spices and liquid [i mix all the spices and cure [if needed] in the liquid] and then put it on the meat mix and mix it well. Then i grind it once more through a medium plate.  I make sure i clean the knife and plate before i do the second grind.

    Using a smaller diameter plate usualy grinds slower than a course plate for example. However you realy should not have to force the meat mix through. Let the grinder do it's work while putting the mix through it. Dont try to force it.  Dont know if you are doing it, just trying to get an idea of your proccess. Reinhard
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    Did your meat mixture get to warm?  I have a 3/8 plate I use for first grind seems to make second easier!  Also some of the more inexpensive  grinders don't pull the ground meat mixture through as well because the worm doesn't fit the throat as tightly!
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    clean your grinder, start anew and continue with your second grind
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  7. What grinder are you using?

    If you ran chunks through a 3/16 plate without using a larger plate first it likely overworked the meat ...mixing would make matters worse....making it much more difficult to run through the grinder a second time.


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