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  1. I have read on the forum that people have issues with the connectors becoming corroded causing people to rewire it. I am having the exact same issue. Mine is the 2nd gen with the access panel which is nice but basically I am unable to rewire the whole thing I have to splice it. My question ia what size wire do I need to buy to properly do this job? Also is there a specific connector size that connects the element or are they universal? Thanks for any help.
  2. Ahhhh and another MES Gen II bites the dust.   Can't believe they are still making these crappy units. 

    Can't help you with re-wiring because when my Gen 1 took a dump (for this very reason) I chucked that POS out and got a new smoker.  I'll be damned if Im going to buy something only to have to re-wire, add a smoke generator, or any other asundry things. 

    Good luck to ya......can you tell I'm still bitter about these products?  [​IMG][​IMG]
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    Since you have to splice, see if you can cut the wire with connector attached and take it to a hardwares store for sizing.  But I would also start thinking about getting a more reliable smoker if BBQ and/or reliability is a big part of your family's life.  From lower to higher cost:  Smokin-it, SmokinTex and Cookshack. Smokin-it provides a lot of bang for the money spent. Compared to the other brands, they have a hugely busy and active forum.   
  4. Hi, Those are fairly easy questions to answer. The connectors that burn up or corrode are not rated for  high heat  First you need to know what size your element is . Right off hand I think it is a 1200 watt element. the formula for wire sizing is watts divided by the voltage equals amps. .1200 watts divided by 120 volts equals  10 amps . When I rewired my MES 30 I used 14 AGW wire mostly because that is what I had. When I went looking for high temp wire for the element to the temp (snap ) swtich.  The overheat protection switch all I could find was AGW12  The female 1/4' connectors that slide onto the element must be high temp and sized for your wire size. There is a break in sizing between 16 AGW and 14-12AGW.The connectors for 16AGW won't fit 14 or 12 AGW. You will not find what you need at a big box store. You need to go to a appliance repair shop or in my case a Ace hardware store sell a lot of elements for every thing from dryers to stoves. They had what I needed. The wire was 3.99 per foot for 3 strands of stove wire. The old stove wire had a fiberglass cover on the out side. The new has the fiberglass covering with a silicone sheeth over it . I bought 2 feet of wire and got 3 2 foot pieces. The connectors will be plain s/s  .DON'T use any connector with a plastic insulator on it . It is not rated for the smoker temps of  150c.
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  5. Ok jted so assuming the info is accurate, a 12agw will work fine correct? Thanks for the help!
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  7. Yes, The rewire would go well with AGW12 high heat wire.You must use the high heat 1/4 inch connectors.They will run you .50 each at least that's what I paid. The AGW 12 is a little overkill but the nec code 311 at some point says it is OK to use larger wire. You want your splice to be a good one and if you use a but splice or what ever you use it is for high heat. High heat is usually anything over 70c then it goes to another level some wears around 105 we are working with a box temp of near 150c or about 300 degrees. I don't know what the temp is at the element. Here is a link to a re wire tread that Texacajun did. It is good stuff you should look at it..

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