2nd Butt Attempt in the UDS w/Qview

Discussion in 'Pork' started by deannc, Aug 16, 2010.

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    Finished the Ugly Drum Smoker (UDS) last weekend and took her on her maiden voyage last weekend with a 7 lb butt which was only "ok."  After a couple practice burns, the first butt attempt and some more reading here on SMF I finally conquered the beast! lol  The first attempt was a 12 hour marathon that at the 9th hour when my temps began to fall, I opened up a vent that for unknown reasons at the time ignited some coals that started generating to much smoke which for me was a little to much like creosote.  But everyone enjoyed and I prepped for this weekends second attempt.

    Not to be out done by the first attempt, this 7 pounder too turned into a 13 1/2 hour slug fest with 3 major stalls!  I was again really hoping to take it to 200* IT, then foil for the rest period.  But this again was not to be.  I had long stalls at 162*, 167* and again at 170*!  After 11 1/2 hours and stuck on 170* IT, I gave in and foiled hoping to end what began at 5 a.m. and feed the starving folks waiting.  But again, it turned out to be another 9 p.m. Sunday dinner, however, this time, it would be well worth the wait as this turned out to be the best tasting pp of about the dozen I've done so far!  The taste was absolutely unlike anything from the gasser and there was zero creosote.  I'm not really sure how to explain the amazing flavor this butt had!  

    My adventure as I said began at 5 a.m., prepping the coals and getting things fired up to temp.  Mean while the 7 lb butt was resting on the counter after an overnight stay in the fridge soaking in SMF's one and only Jeff's naked rib rub flavors.  At 06:25 she went on the rack, probed and ready for battle with the goodness of some hickory chunks and Kingsford charcoal.

    Quickly rising to 140* IT at the 3 hour mark I began my hourly spritzing her with what combination I've found to provide an absolute wonderful flavor in the end, apple juice and cider vinegar mixed at a 2 to 1 ratio.

    Things were moving right along until we hit the stall at 162* IT mark which she stalled for nearly 2 hours!  Then again 3 hours from 167* to 170*.  When she became unforgiving and wouldn't budge off of 170* nearly 11 1/2 hours later, I stuck another probe just to be sure and my Maverick ET-73 was not failing me. The backup probe reported the same internal temp!  Not wanting to, but I busted out the foil and tightly wrapped her in double foil until finally reaching 200* IT at the 13 1/2 hour mark!  Stubborn thing anyway!! LOL  Ok, enough of the rambling and on with the Qview!

    You can check out the UDS build story which had its own stall here


    At the 10 1/2 hour mark.


    14 1/2 hours after hitting the rack and an hour rest.



    She was soooo moist!



    Sprinkled with a little SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce (see sticky) and we're ready for a 9 p.m. dinner which momma said she wasn't fixin anything else!  LOL  I made up some great slaw earlier in the day, mayo based with a little mustard.  


    My 13 month old granddaughter loved it, so it had to be good! She's really getting tired of having to eat late, way past her bedtime at papa's house!  LOL  

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  2. Great post [​IMG]  with good Qview Dean! The finished product is making my mouth water.

    Now I'm pumped about the 2 butts I'm doing this coming weekend! Thanks for sharing.
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    great post Dean, thanks for sharing!
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    I don't know which looks better the butt or the new smoker.????? Now your butt looks great and really juicey too.  Now the grand daughter looks awful happy to. Remember we are the grand parents we can spoil them and get them all whined up and then sent them back. Great Food
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    SD - thanks, I know I'm sitting here right now wishing I had some leftovers which has me already thinking about the coming weekend smoke! lol

    Lucky13 - your welcome!  

    Mark - I know right! lol  First I've smoked over coals (well except for some failed attempts 20 some years ago) and the flavoring is so much richer than using the gasser (DUH!!), either that or I was just outright starving!  Of course I heard this from the wife late afternoon, early evening time....if you would have used the "good" smoker it would have been finished by now! LMAO (She don't get this whole barrel thing!) I had to calm her by explaining it's smoking at the same temp the gasser would have been set at, it will be done, when it's done! LMAO  You bet on the grandkids...the grandson is 8 and I make sure I have some good sugar fixes for him to enjoy too when he's over! LOL

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