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  1. This was my 2nd batch of bacon I finished up this weekend using a different recipe which called for natural flavors such has Maple Syrup and a little Bourbon.  Like how it turned out and flavor was good.  I am in trouble now as the wife said great gift idea how about you make bacon and canadian bacon for family and friends, I guess I better keep practicing since come November I will have to knock out a few pounds of it.  

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    Nice color!  congrats! 
  3. Looks awesome. Getting ready to do my first bacon this weekend still looking for a good cure recipe. We really like step by step pictures so we can see the process you used.
    Keep up the great job the bacon looks great.
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    Really nice color on your bacon!

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    Since I am a newbie I will do a step by step of the process with pics next batch. the biggest thing I did on this batch was I cut into 3rds with each about 3 lbs each, used real maple syrup, brown sugar, and a little bourbon. I used food saver bags and vacuum a little air out and sealed. I used pink curing salt, but next time will try Tender Quick. I haven't perfected my cold smoking technique, however tried cold smoking cheese this past weekend. I cured for 7 days and then I rinse and soak my slabs for about 45 minutes then dry and placed in fridge for 24 hrs. I have a Traeger and used Apple wood pellets and placed on smoke setting and was able to keep at 140-150 until I got to 150 internal temp. I did this in evening as was too hot in afternoon. This recipe I took from a YT video and modified it a little. It was a guy who used his Traeger grill to do a slab. Pork Belly was from Costco as the always have plenty of them. I however found local butcher who carries bellies and next Wednesday will pick a slab from him to try.
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  6. I have a trager also i have smoked alot of things this year but never bacon.
    I am getting ready to take it on myself. They say to cold smoke to keep it under 80degrees but thats not my thing yet. I figured i Conquer it with hot smoke before i go cold lol.
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    Nice looking bacon.

    How do I get on your gift list?


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