2nd attemp at Pulled pork

Discussion in 'Pork' started by aviator79, May 21, 2015.

  1. I have a 30" digital MES.  I also have a A-maze-n pellet tray but every time I use it, all the pellets end up all igniting seen here:

    I posted about this problem here:
    Smoking 14lb brisket in MES 30

    These are the pellets I have so I will try again but every time same thing happens.

    So my first attempt at pulled pork was last year when I tried to do an Mazda install meet at my new house.  I planned to feed everyone.  I failed because my wife set the smoker to 170.  Eventually I raised temp.  Luckily I didn't die cause that was way too low. Pork finished some time that next morning after people were long gone.

    I had bought two shoulders from Costco and am going to be smoking the other one this weekend for Grandmothers 90th birthday 3pm Saturday at the Farm. So figure need to Rub tomorrow morning and put in smoker around 11pm-12am tomorrow night.
    It is a 10lb boneless pork shoulder:

    Plan to cook like this
    Basic Pulled Pork Smoke

    and use this finishing sauce.
    FINISHING SAUCE (for Pulled Pork)

    Was thinking of purchasing Jeffs rub and sauce recipe but I am broke so will have to figure out something for free this time.  Hope it all comes out good.

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