25th Anniversary Smokefest..

Discussion in 'Beef' started by philh, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. My wife & myself will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary tomorrow. We are expecting between 30 & 40 people. Hopefully.. I bought 4 briskets at Walmart a couple of weeks ago when they were on sale. I defrosted them last night.

    Well it looks like I will be starting the smoke in a couple of hours. Our weather went in the crapper today so I hope some people still show up. It was 87 degrees yesterday & it is 48 degrees now. They claim a high of 65 degrees tomorrow, so maybe things will be ok. I have a big fire pit made of concrete blocks so between the beer keg & the Margarita machine maybe it will still be ok.. lol

    Here are a few pics of the briskets still in the wrapper.






    Sorry for all of the crap in the background.

    I have a friend coming from New Braunfels who is bringing me a mess of sausage.. She will get here tonight. I will post pics of that later..

  2. solaryellow

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    Congrats! I hope everything turns out great!
  3. Finally got all of the briskets seasoned up & the smoker is in the process of preheating.



    Gotta love butcher paper..


    Finally got that island cleaned off.. lol


    Seasoned with Sea Salt & Coarse Black Pepper. Simple... Of course plenty of Oak wood for seasoning..

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    Spied a bottle of Squirt on the counter there... friend and I used to sit out back and watch the kids in his pool, under the shade in old metal rockers, each with a foot tall tumbler with about half and half Vodka and Squirt.... two of them and we crawled back into his house, lol!  Every sip it tasted better and better, great summertime drink! (well, back then... can't do it any more!).

    I digress... great price on the briskets and looks like you're going to have a great feed!  Happy 25th Anniversary!
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    Congrats on the anniversary Phil, That's a great price on the Briskets................nice start with the Qview [​IMG]
  7. Finally got the meat in the smoker...Now we wait..

    I knew I needed to clean that counter off before I took the first pics.. Yea Squirt does make a good mixed drink.. lol
  8. I'm eager to watch this cook.  If they turn out anything close to your last brisket I don't think you'll have to worry about bagging up leftovers!  Congrats on the anniversary and have fun with this cook!
  9. I hope they turn out like the last one.. Fingers crossed..
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    Congrads Phil - Those briskies are going to be great!

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    Great start on the briskets Phil! Congrats to you & your wife on your 25th!
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    Phil, morning..... Happy Anniversary.....  Briskets are looking good....  If you have time at the party.... take some pics... we will understand if pics don't happen ... hahaha...  Dave
  13. Sorry it took so long to get back to everybody. We only had 16 people show up because of the weather. They polished off 2 briskets. I didn't even get any.. lol

    They also ate 4 links of sausage..

    We played horseshoes & I tried my best to float the keg. Didn't happen. Fell asleep on the floor by the toilet that night.. yewww...

    2 of the briskets got put in the cooler before going to bed & were plenty hot still in the morning. Not much good for slicing but made some mean pulled brisket. Good Sammie's... I have a pic of one of those briskets. We had so much fun with friends & family that I actually forgot to bring the camera out at all..

    Here are the pics..


    Tasted really good...


    A little dried out. That's because they stayed in the cooler all night. The first 2 briskets were moist & very tender.

    If I don't answer anyone in the next few days don't worry. I'm not trying to ignore you. I'm leaving in the morning to go to the Houston Rodeo. I'll be back in a few.

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    Beautiful Brisket!!!  First I just want to say that there is just something wrong when the chef doesn't get some brisket[​IMG].   You can repair the meat being dry.   Put the meat in bowls or  vaccum seal bags add the beef to the bag fill 3/4 of the way add 1/2 cup broth or water and seal it up.  Let it rest in the firg for a few hours or over night.  The meat will absorb the broth  and that will improve the  moisture of the meat.
  15. Nice looking Briskets!!!! Congrats on the silver!!!!!
  16. raptor700

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      I use similar methods in comps. Don't be giving all the secrets Ivie!!  [​IMG]

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