250 reverse flow build

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by cashmanq, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. cashmanq

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    I thought i would share the Feldon Calc link with my measurments.

    the only thing that is a little strange from what I have seen on other builds, my chimney is a square pipe.  I caculated the volume and it matches the recomended pipe diameter.  I have 6 inch sqare and its ~29 inches  got the pipe for free and the math matched.  Its 1/4 inch thick and I actually like the way it looks compared to the circle stacks...

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  2. Excellent At this rate you're going to be ready to smoke in no time. and developing skills at the same time! and a father son thing to boot. Keep us informed. These are the best kind of builds
  3. cashmanq

    cashmanq Fire Starter

    Thanks Dragons Breath!
  4. disturbed1

    disturbed1 Smoking Fanatic

    nice looking build i am currently in the beginning stages of mine.Drawings and calculation stage  was thinking of a 250 gallon build with rib boxes and gas assist kind of like a bubba grill smoker. But my brother in law might be able to get me a 500 gallon tank for nothing so plans might change.
  5. michael ark

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    Looks great!
  6. cashmanq

    cashmanq Fire Starter

    From this point on, it has been in my garage and I have been working on it with a Flux core Mig.

    Got the flat iron welded on the doors

  7. cashmanq

    cashmanq Fire Starter

    Did a ton of research on hinges. I went ahead and made my own with 1/2 rods and tubing.  I ended up welding them onto angle iron to raise them up a bit.

  8. cashmanq

    cashmanq Fire Starter

    Next, I started building the ash drawer.  I am really happy with this addition. It will keep the hot coals of the bottom of the box. It will also act as another air intake if needed.  Most importantly, it keeps the hot coals off the bottom of the box.  Its easier to replace a drawer than the bottom of that box.

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  9. solaryellow

    solaryellow Limited Mod Group Lead

    I wish I would have thought to have the warming box open the way you did. Looking good Jack! Thumbs Up
  10. daveomak

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    Joel, It's never too late to remodel....   [​IMG]
  11. 05sprcrw

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    That is looking great, and what a great offer for them to help out for some bbq!
  12. solaryellow

    solaryellow Limited Mod Group Lead

    lol That is at the bottom of the todo list for the moment Dave. :biggrin:
  13. cashmanq

    cashmanq Fire Starter

    Thanks Solaryellow!  It was kinda an "oh yeah" moment when I started to make the cuts.   I had it planned on the back end, but changed it as I was making the cuts.  I had been drawing and planning it for months.  I thought of it right as I started to make the cuts on the back end...
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  14. cashmanq

    cashmanq Fire Starter

    next was the RF plate

    This job beat the mig up big time. 
  15. cashmanq

    cashmanq Fire Starter

    I ran the pipe with some elbows to bring it closer to the edge of the trailer

  16. cashmanq

    cashmanq Fire Starter

    doors were next

    used the same angle iron hinges I used on the smoker. 
  17. cashmanq

    cashmanq Fire Starter

    next were the handles

  18. cashmanq

    cashmanq Fire Starter

    I am starting to look into a sink addition on my reverse flow build. I am pricing out tanks. Any advice on a good tank size and brand for both fresh and grey water? I am penny pinching as much as possible. I was thinking of a 20 gallon, but they are more pricy than I expected.   Also, any advice on a good DC sink pump? All the pumps i see are rated for more GPH than I was hoping for...

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  19. cashmanq

    cashmanq Fire Starter

    Next, I added the cover for the smoke stack

  20. cashmanq

    cashmanq Fire Starter

    I also decided to add equal stacks on the warming box.  I had only 2, but decided to add 4 on all corners to make for an even temp inside when opening and closing the stacks.

    oh and found a mascot as well


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