250 gallon vertical oil barrel RF BBQ/smoker

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  1. Hey Folks,

    I am a newbie to this and am wondering if there is anyone here that has built a Vertical 250 gallon oil barrel RF BBQ/Smoker? And if not can you help out to get started? And can someone help me verify the calculations of the equipment that I have so that I am sure that the numbers that I have found is the same as what you find? The 250 Gallon Oil Tank standing vertical is 27.1" wide X 44.6" high X 61.7" long. The stove I have is built in the shape of the oil barrel except it is smaller. It is built with 3/8" steel, it measures 24" wide X 30" high X 27' long. The door opening measures 11.25" high X 18.75" wide. The original draft size is 4.25" high X 9" long. I can post pictures if this would be more helpful.

    Thank you,

    Maple Man
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    Maple man , [​IMG]  to the SMF. Send us a shot of your build , and please complete your profile with your location (or area) so we might be able to help you if you need.

    Your Smoker sounds good , but as we here on th SMF say...


    Have fun and...
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    send the pic so we can help. and [​IMG]
  4. I will send pictures tomorrow of what I have for material to start my build with. I believe it is giving fine weather tomorrow and I plan on starting to cut the oil barrel open tomorrow. I believe I am going to have two doors instead of one. My location is already posted in my profile, can you see it? Until tomorrow, thank you.

    Maple Man
  5. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  6. I am going to make this smoker with double doors. What would be the best way to have them open, out to the side or open upward? How far down should the bottom of my doors be cut because this is going to be a reverse smoker? Also how high should they be cut and how wide should each door be cut? Has anyone got measurements that they used on there smoker that built the same idea for doors that I have in mind? Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Maple Man
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    I just completed one like this for a friend. I am not home where the pictures and measurements are now. I will get the information and pictures posted later. I think it will help you. Good luck.
  8. That would be really good. I am at a stand still right now because of a medical issue but would appreciate any and all help and suggestions.


  9. randya

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    Raymond, I pray your set back will be a short one and you get back to 100% soon.  Here are a few pictures of the build I did using the oil tank.

    This tank is 61"x44"x27". I built it with two(2) doors.  The door overall size is 53"x24" with the botton door being 53"x12", and the top 53"x11".

    Look it over and if I cam be of any assistance please let me know.

    Hope it helps!

    Thanks, Randy
  10. Hey Randy,

    You have a nice looking BBQ/Smoker there my friend. The tank is the exact size tank that I have. Did you do the build and post it on line with all the other measurements and photos for the rest of the build? I would really appreciated seeing the building post. Or, if you have other photos and measurements for the inside work, that would be great also. 


  11. randya

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    Here are a few more to get started as for as the lay out.  You will notice my friend wanted the fire box lid to open on the top.  I did not want this, but it was the way he wanted to.

    I put a clean out drawer to easily clean out the ashes .


    5 racks for smoking and a extra rail to be able to move the racks around without have to place on a table to ground.


    Look these over and let me know what you are thinking about your layout. 

    Randy from Florida
  12. Hey Randy,

    Sorry that I haven't been in touch with you sooner but the headaches, blackouts and the spins was fairly bad for awhile. I feel better today and went outside to fix a few things on the lawn mower and am now feeling really tired. I will get back to you probabaly tomorrow. 



    Edit: I like the looks of the smoker. I haven't got a Mig welder. I have access to an arc welder but that would most likely burn the the barrel as thin as the metal is. Don't you think?
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  13. I have a 16' Fiberglass skiff that I do not use anymore, I have been thinking about selling it and purchasing a welder. What would you suggest for a welder. Keep in mind that I am on disability because of my back so the best bang for the buck would be what I am looking for.


  14. How much are you selling these for?
  15. Selling what the BBQ/Smoker or the16' Fiberglass skiff?

    Thank you,

  16. I have been in metal fabrication for many years so will chime in on the suggestion for a welder for you. 

    If projects such as a Smoker or yard machines etc are what the welder will be used for, I suggest a Flux 90 Amp Harbor Freight or its like in Canada. They are not a top of the line welder but I have a lot of buddies that use this welder in their shop just for quick fixes in the garage or small projects like this that are not stress welders. What I mean by this, if you are not going to be welding go cart frames or pieces that could cause injury if there is not perfect weld penetration then I wouldnt go all out on buying a big expensive welder.

    Another plus to this welder is it uses FLUX wire which has the inert gas built into the wire so you do not need a tank of gas to weld with it. They can be used in windy situations without problem.

    That last plus is they run about $100-125.

    Hope that helps. If you have any questions or need some advice on buying a welder I am more than willing to offer advice.

    Here is a link to the welder I was talking about.


  17. wonderwhy

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       Looking to do my first build Hours and Hours of searching for a good build video and yours is spot on. Hesitated last minute on one painted John Deere colors on Ebay this morning and happy I did.

    Very professional. I am hoping to do something using my similar trailer from FSC.

    5'X8'  2000lb axle 13" wheels. also have a 275 gal. free tank as well as a much larger round tank about 96 long and 48 diameter... Overkill for my needs.

    Double doors opening like barn doors rather than vertical... any drawbacks or advantages  you can tell me about.with door configuration.Was hoping to put a maple shelf about 10" below the doors as a work surface.would a hamburger charcoal grill on the other side be a good idea as well as a burner for a fryer.

    I want to minimize mistakes so was happy to look at your builds.

    No one in my area even has a smoker so no one to copy or ask advise from.


    And yes the truck will be my go to catering events vehicle. FIREHOUSE BBQ..

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