250 gallon reverse smoker project

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  1. This is a project I started and one of my family members ran into financial issues. I really dont want to sell it, but I need to try and help her. The cook chamber is 30" in diameter, and 84" long. Firebox is 25"x24x30. Trailer is 4' wide, and 13' long. Axle is rated 3500# and is new. Smoke stack is 5.5" pipe 46" long. $1200 is firm. You could finish this project and sell for $3500 or more, or keep it yourself. All it needs is baffle plate and racks. I live in south florida area. pm me if interested. Thank you.
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  2. bbq bill

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    Good luck! Hope you sell it and all works out with your family member! 
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    Sorry to hear thet Joe.............
  4. Did you sale the smoker yet I'm interested in it
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    you might be better off to send him a PM
  6. Thank you JckDanls 07
  7. Smoker is still available. I can come down on price some. Thanks.
  8. Is this cooker still available?

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