250 gallon propane tank with 5/16 steel plate for firebox

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    folks i have a 250 gallon propane tank i bought from a propane company, this is an out of service tank and has been purged by the company and cannot be used for propane. I also have 3 plates of 5/16 steel. The plates measure 27'' wide and 20 feet long, was going to use them for the firebox and baffle. Also i have a axle for a trailer, 6 tires and wheels with it [spares] the axle was from a house trailer, cut and shortened with heavy leaf springs... i do not have the time to build this, we are getting ready to buy another house and move and do not want to take it. The steel plates alone are worth at least this. $450.00 for all..... i am located in Columbus Ohio and you can contact me by phone, 614-940-5472 Thanks!

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