250 gallon propane tank for sale Salem or

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  1. I have a 250 gallon propane tank for sale (ill even throw in the 40 gallons of propane that is still in it for free lol) my daughters birthday is coming up and would like to get 150 bucks obo.
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  2. pamelacoble

    pamelacoble Newbie

    is this tank still for sale?
  3. pamelacoble

    pamelacoble Newbie

    email [email protected]
  4. pamelacoble

    pamelacoble Newbie

    call pamela at 417 255 2068 west plains mo
  5. Sorry it's sold.
  6. Sorry it's sold.
  7. Sold
  8. bob k

    bob k Newbie

    Still have it?   Call Bob @ 847 927 5973.
  9. cito

    cito Newbie

    Hi do u still have the tank if so I'll pick up where u from
  10. xalent2001

    xalent2001 Newbie

    You can get these at your local propane dealer.... they always have some that are older and don't meet standard.... at least they do around here... You can also get plate rolled at your local fab shop.... 1/8" would be all you need, and it's lighter and easier to work with.

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