250 Gal Smoker Build

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by ron petersen, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. Got a 250 Gal. Propane tank and getting ready for another build. Actually 2 builds. Will get photos and show progress.

    First I need to get my car hauler cleared to use as a "work" bench as I use the welder at work (sold my equipment to my job).

    Looking at a RF unit with warming box. Beginning to get ideas and more.

    I like to add some sort of Natural Flow Hot Water Heater to a tank for sink. I saw it somewhere and cannot remember where, any ideas?
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  2. Here are the 2 tanks I am going to be working on. The smaller red one will be my back yard portable and the green 250 Gal is my trailer unit. Both are going to be RF, will post the patio unit on another thread.

    Dumb question about the stack, can it be mounted on the back of the tank closest to the FB or doers it have to be at the end centered? I want to use as much CC space as I can get out of this and put in a warming box.


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