250 gal RF Build ??? Are my calculations correct????

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by mitroll2, Apr 22, 2016.

  1. mitroll2

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    29"X29"x.7854 x87" = 57465 cu in

    57465/231=248.76 gal

    57465x.004=230 sq in FB/CC opening

    230 sq in under RF plate      What does this mean? This would by 10"w x 23" l?

    230 sq in opening at end of RF plate

    57465 x.33 FB Volume 18963 sq in

    57465 x.001 = FB Air inlet. 57.465 sq in

    volume of stack =  57465x.022 =1264/.7854x4"x4" (12.56)=99.84" L 4" diam stack. 

    The stack length does not seem right.  What am I missing?  Thanks for your input.
  2. martyinco

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  3. If you go with an 8" stack it would be 24" long  a 6" stack would be 42"     I would NOT go with 4"  too small for this size smoker

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  4. daveomak

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    1264 / .7854 x 6 x 6 = 45''

                            7 x 7 = 33"

    ESV in cubic inches_____________________________ ... = Stack Length in inches (36" +/-)
    0.7854 X Stack Diameter X Stack Diameter

    Adjust the diameter of the stack, until the proper length is achieved... be sure to measure the actual internal diameter of the pipe used..
    this is for round stacks only..
  5. Dave, How did you decide that the stack length should be 36"  I see that on most of your replies

  6. mitroll2

    mitroll2 Newbie

    Thanks guys. Have a few more questions. Do you make one big door or 2 small ones? Also if I wanted to build a warming box on top of the firebox do I need to put any holes in the firebox to feed heat or smoke? 
  7. smokejumper

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    Either one is correct. A single big door is useful for large items like a whole hog.
    Two smaller doors can be more convenient for smaller cooks.

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