250 Gal Reverse Flow Smoker on Trailer (Mooresville, NC)

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  1. This smoker is constructed from a 250 gallon propane tank and mounted to a 13.5' boat trailer. The tank is 5/16" thick steel and measures approx. 30"x 94". Firebox is 28"x24"x24" and built out of new 1/4" steel plate. The trailer has new tires and I had new leaf springs installed a few years ago.

    I started this project five or so years ago and got busy with kids and work and haven't had time to complete it 100%. As you can see in the pictures, it works just fine and I have been smoking on  it since the meat racks were finished. The neighbors refer to it as the "Death Star" because it isn't finished but it's fully operational. The trailer needs some reinforcements added to be road worthy. I've kept this in the garage and pull it out into the driveway when I am cooking.

    This is a great smoker for someone who has the tools to put the final touches on it and/or the ability to finish customizing it to your preferences. I have at least $1500 in the materials alone. I've got one kid in college and another headed there soon and we are looking to downsize in the near future. The smoker is just too large for me now.

    I will consider a trade with cash for a much smaller trailer smoker or a large backyard unit. I haven't quit smoking...just need the right size unit.

    A few other details
    • 2 doors open separately. Door furthest from firebox overlaps the other one.
    • 4 racks slide in and out separate from each other
    • Top racks and supports can be removed if you need extra height on bottom shelf for big items. I built it this way in case a whole hog wouldn't fit on the bottom shelf. The one time I smoked a whole hog (115lbs) the head was removed so it fit just fine without removing the top shelves.
    • Overall unit dimensions are approximately 15.5' long by 76" wide
    Please message me if you would like more pictures or if you have specific questions. Additional pictures are posted in the first reply below.
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