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Discussion in 'Beef' started by rherman522, Aug 20, 2015.

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    The dear daughter's third birthday is 4pm on Saturday so I've decided to do Brisket as one of the main courses (around 40-50 people coming).

    I've done brisket before but always flats and I have never done this much brisket at once. I have 1x 8# Choice Flat and 1x 17# Prime Packer. So I have 25# total but it will be split into 3 pieces - 2 flats and 1 point. I have a MES30 (I know I need a bigger smoker...) so I know I will have to cut the packer into point/flat since it won't fit in even diagonally.

    I'm wanting to see thoughts on start time in order to finish for the party? I know the 1.5/hrs/pound rule but I know that can vary. I plan on leaving it in a cooler for a few hours before party time also to redistribute all those juices. So aiming to be in the cooler by 2pm so then I can work the burnt ends and get the other parts of the meal together.

    The earliest I can get this on the grates is after I get out of work tomorrow - estimating to be home around 6pm. But my wife can get the smoker up to temp and the meat out of the fridge and resting before I'm home. I'm estimating 16 hours because of the three different pieces/sizes? Thoughts?

    Also any tips/tricks/etc for this much brisket would be much appreciated. I've never done burnt ends either so anything there would be great as well. (I keep up on Let's Talk Brisket - so I normally do a few tweaks here and there each time I do a brisket)

    I will Q-View as well!
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    Well 522 , you are going to experience one of the greatest cooks you have had ! :biggrin:

    Each (piece ) now will have it's own time . You will need more than one thermometer , the8# will be the first off ... take it off when you get to temp and toothpick test is in and out like Butter .

    The 12#er willbe next. , the point should be last (depending how big it is ) it willhave alot of fat and connective tissue to melt down. A stall may occur with it , just ride it out .

    Your 16hr. time will be good , but a cook should always use his time wisely . The meat willhold several hrs. in a cooler , and you will be (double cooking the Brunt Ends) so planfor that too !

    You want to enjoy yourself too , so plan well with some extra time . You can always help the Ms.do some other prep. as you wait for the BE's .

    My hint , don't wrap in foil (I'm going to do Butcher paper next time (get the non-coated type) . I normally do not wrap at all and get great rezsults with having a good Bark and moist meat .

    My Rub is simple (because I want my customers to taste the meat , not a bunch of spices . :biggrin:

    Hope you have a great perty and a big :BD: to you little Angel .

    Have fun and . . .

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