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    I volunteered to do the meat for christmas at work. When I offered, I expected about 15lbs max, was asked to do 25.

    I purchased three shoulders yesterday for right around $30. I could only smoke two at a time so I had to do two shifts.

    First they were rinsed and rubbed with brown sugar/kosher salt and garlic powder. They then got the treatment of maple/hick/cherry for 3 hours each and then went into my oven to finish.

    I started at 2pm Sunday. As of 7am Monday the internal temp is only 160. I hope to pull them tonight. My whole house had what I would consider and almost bacon like aroma this morning.

    Ill take pics this evening.

    I plan to pull it, vac seal and then reheat in boiling water in an industrial kitchen. Since its only Monday. I will freeze till Wed Night, then into the fridge. It will be reheated for lunchtime Friday.

    Wanna make a finishing sauce but I dont know peoples stance on vinegar. I was thinking of making it, put it in a bottle and then allow people to choose at serving whether to use it or not.

    Oh... I also made the BBQ sauce, I just winged it, we had it on chicken last night and it was great.

    Recipe as follows:

    48 oz of Ketchup

    8 oz Smuckers Blackberry Jam

    5 cap fulls of liquid hickory smoke

    1/3 cup of Kosher Salt

    1 tablespoon of dried chipolte

    1 tablespoon of crushed red pepper

    2 tablespoons of worchershire

    1 cup of apple juice

    1 cup blackberry wine( i made this too )

    Cooked on low heat for 45mins. Sweet with a late hit of heat.
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    Sounds like a great sauce you made there! I like the Blackberry and spice. 

    I've learned from cooking for large groups that alot of people dont like a vinegar sauce or it will atleast scare them away (because they dont know whats good for them), so having it on the side is probably best and tell them its a "finishing sauce" not a "vinegar sauce" :)
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    33 total hours of prep/smoke/cook/pull/seal ... wow what a process! Was delivered to the commercial kitchen this morning frozen with instructions to boil the bags to cook the meat friday. Since its sealed and brick solid, I just had them put it into the refrigerator.

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    I took a giant knife to all of the bark and basically turned it into a dust which I distributed through the meat with a final pull before bagging. Second and third pics show the meat as I just got it off the bone so I could handle it.
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    nice looking pork there! Did you have to deliver 25lbs of cooked meat? How many butts did that take?
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    No way, I had some loss for sure. I didnt weigh it at the end, I shouldve. My whole roaster pan filled with drippings and I chucked about another 1/2lb of stuff I personally wouldnt eat. Anything I wont eat, I dont expect someone else will.

    They estimated 50 people, that number included a 15 buffer for people who didnt RSVP so I was only cooking for 35 who did. We still estimated 1/2lb precooked weight which is where we got 25. I bought two 8.5lb shoulders and one 9lb shoulder. Biggest I could get them where I could get the best price. I paid $1.29lb so I made this on a $50 budget. If I had to guess, I came away with about 18-20lbs maybe even more. The box carrying it in plus the containers of bbq sauce and finishing sauce sure was heavy. It filled a case size diaper box.
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    LOL nice! 
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    Wow nice price. Great job

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    "They then got the treatment of maple/hick/cherry for 3 hours each and then went into my oven to finish." Interested in this idea of triple wood combo's! Why and how did you select these for Pork Shoulders? Is there more info on using wood combo's and why on the site??

    Thanks a Million


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